So, go with the 360 version, or the PC version? Opinions?

#1 Posted by SpudBug (707 posts) -

I have a very reasonbly powerful PC, i7 2700k, 8gb ram, gtx 670. But I'm hearing even similar machines are struggling to keep the framerate around 40 on the PC version with lots of random stutters and drops in framerate.

But it is less than $40 on GMG now, and the 360 version is going to be uglier and run at 30 and sub 30fps.

If you have played either, what's your opinion? Is the PC version really as bad as i'm hearing or just hyperbole from other places?

#2 Posted by JamesG (67 posts) -

My system is pretty similar to yours, but i have 2 670's in sli and it is not enabled on this game. My framerate is also all over the place, I had to lock the game at 30 fps to get a smooth framerate.

#3 Posted by Jrad (638 posts) -

My system's specs are identical -- 2700k, GTX670, 8GB ram; I get crazy slowdown on NFS and it's pretty much unplayable. The controls feel really unresponsive too.

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