The real extent of Autolog cross-platform?

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I never really got a good sense of the exact scope of Autolog 2.0 when it comes to cross-platform syncing. That's why I'd like to ask you guys if you can clarify a few things based on experience or based on what you've heard.

1) I've heard that your friends are imported across PS3 to PSVita, but does it work even across X360? I imagine it should, with Origin just attaching "personas" and not actually log-ins.

2) Do friends's records (i.e. Speed Cameras, Billboard Jumps) get carried across platforms?

I bought the game for the PS3 originally, and I'm having a lot of fun with just random strangers and filling up my Autolog with GB Duders. However, all the actual friends I've convinced to pick up Most Wanted only have a 360.

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The only one that I can clear up for you is the iOS version as I haven't played multiple console versions. I know you weren't asking about that one, but someone else might be interested. In the iOS version, your Speed Points are shared with the other versions (in my case, the 360 version that I've played quite a bit of). When you load up the iOS game and log into your Origin account, your speed points are all automatically there, as well as your 360 friends on the Most Wanted leaderboard thing. Nothing that revolutionary, but it's nice to be able to earn some more speed points when not in front of my console.

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