Torn up about the Wii U version

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Just finished watching this video that GamesRadar did and...

On the one hand, this looks like a super sharp version of a game I still haven't played (big Burnout Paradise fan) and the gimmicky Wii U Gamepad additions are right up my alley. The lack of upcoming DLC support is a bummer for some but that doesn't bug me.

The part that worries me is the lack of analog triggers on the Wii U Gamepad and Wii U Controller Pro. I don't know who's playing the game in the above video but um, they are terrible. Crashing in every wall. I can't help but wonder: is that because of the lack of analog acceleration? Or is the player really bad? I suppose this is a real speed game. A binary on-off might not be the end of the world for acceleration.

For those who've played NFS Most Wanted, do you think not having access to analog triggers is a deal breaker?

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@rainvillain: dont worry that player in the video is just really bad. i had the game for 360 and im getting it for the wii u, i can say that its a really hard game to get used to. its super fast and if you dont know every turn and when to slow down you WILL crash. so dont worry its probably just the first time that guy picked up the game in awhile. buy the way im posting this message through my wii u,lol

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You know it didn't even cross my mind that those triggers aren't analog until I read this post. I think that's great for every type of game, except racing of course. I feel dumb lol.

I wonder if they have some internal mechanism that acts semi-analog when you tap the digital trigger, like an acceleration slider that moves up and down as you press, not just FULL ON or FULL OFF. I feel like developers could implement something like that with some semblance of success.

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The frame-rate seems better then the other console versions but it looks like there's a lot less traffic. Did anyone who play it feel the same way? I've only played the demo so I can't speak to the final product.


I would be interested in how the online community will be on the Wii U for this game. Because, apparently, the only really good thing about this game is the multiplayer. The single-player is lackluster. Also, because it is an arcade racer, the lack of analog triggers probably isn't a huge deal.

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@jasonr86 I can't imagine it to be any good. The playerbase is small as it is, this is an older game. I would imagine the people that want to play it already have. That leaves a very small percentage of a small number of people that haven't and want to play it.

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Picked it up at toys r us today! Will start it once i get home

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Picked it up earlier today (EU). Played the 360 version back in October, but the Wii U one is noticeably (although not VERY noticeably) better looking. The controls feel sort of "weighty", just like on the 360. The digital gas and brake (as opposed to the analog triggers on the 360) stopped bothering me after about 30 mins of play - the game is so fast and arcadey that I simply stopped noticing. In short: very satisfied with my purchase, loving the game so far!

Feel free to add me: my NNID is Scifikai.

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Racing games are about the only types of games where I prefer the Dualshock 3 to the Xbox controller, and it's because those triggers are so wonderfully analog (and, in other game, awfully analog). I couldn't even imagine playing NFS without analog triggers.

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This game is really cheap on Amazon...considering picking it up for Wii U but are there people playing it online? It kind of makes or breaks this game if there's multiplayer available.

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This game is really cheap on Amazon...considering picking it up for Wii U but are there people playing it online? It kind of makes or breaks this game if there's multiplayer available.

At this point every version of this game will most likely have pretty low amounts of people online, some platforms may be dead online (wii u im predicting is one)

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