What's more Fun? Singleplayer or Multiplayer? Forza Horizon? Why?

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I am of the supposedly unpopular opinion, that Most Wanted is most fun in singleplayer - with the caveat that I'm enjoying it more, the closer I get to 100% completion - with all the tedium of unlocking mods and cars and races going away, and having much more experience with the generally quite weighty and inertia-heavy driving physics, and slowing learning the ins and outs of the road and track layouts - Most Wanted's singleplayer really comes into its own. Autolog recommendations. Jumping into any vehicle and any race at my whim. All the mods readily available to tailor any vehicle to the task at hand. Compulsive billboard stunt jumping and speed trap drag racing.

I went from deep hatred to loving it to bits, despite its many flaws and quirks.

Multiplayer on the other hand, not so much. Between always-on VoIP, lack of gameplay choice regarding public speedlists, pacing problems introduced by bugs regarding relocation and players leaving the game, generally rather lacking flow of events, absurd scoring systems, and my distaste for random chaos in competitive games - well, multiplayer has been shortlived fun, and grew to be purely annoying by now.

Anyways - what's your take on Most Wanted's offerings? And please elaborate on your vote and opinion.

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Multiplayer. I just love the chaos and racing with friends on it. Having a blast in multiplayer. I'm mostly ignoring the single player and only playing the most wanted races.

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I just play Forza because I haven't really enjoyed a Need for Speed game in about 8 years. Big dip in overall quality. Even the new Hot Pursuit wasn't what I was looking for in a racing game, and this doesn't seem like it either.

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