First Impressions (it's fun)

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 Bad for racing good for hitting other racers.
I'm about 4 hours in and so far this game has been really fun. The style is fantastic and the game runs really smoothly. The driving itself is a bit hard to describe, it is really good but it is a style of gameplay that not everyone might like. The game is all about nitro (see title) and loading up your gauge by drifting and getting into other car's slip stream so it somewhat comparable to how Mario Kart works, drift all over the place and boost your way over the track. The interesting twist to this is that when you hit wall or other cars your drift gauge gets messed up and less effective to the point that you won't be able to boost at all until you grab a repair pickup which not all the races have. So in order to win you'll have to drift aggressively but without hitting anything. 
Of course there are something that could be better like how the progression of the game is a bit bare boned requiring you to get a certain total rank (stars) to unlock the next batch of events and locations. This game really could have used some crazy story to back it up. The lack of online is also quite a shame especially considering that the car painting is extremely solid and versatile and right now there is no real point to that since you can't show it off, well the game has 4 player local multi-player but that is not the same. Perhaps the sequel i hope is to come will take care of this.
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Just finished the C cup and the fact that the presentation is so bare bone really is bumming me out, "you just beat the C cup, you can now play the B cup which is exactly the same level progression but with faster cars". The thing i really don't get is that they introduce regional champions in a small cut scene at the start of a new location but other then that 5 seconds scene you never see them again. This game is such waste of potential, 3/5 Stars i guess.

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