Best NFS game in series

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I recently re-installed NFS:2000 as part of my yearly retro game ritual. It's still the best PC car racing game and a blast to play through. Does any else agree with me?

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No, I do not agree that it's the best PC racing game.

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@GiveUpNed: Nope. High Stakes is the best in the series. I like Porsche Unleashed for many of the same reasons as High Stakes but High Stakes has better tracks (and more of them), a wider variety of cars and the cars you start out with don't handle like ass because they aren't from the 50s.

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@GiveUpNed: I've always been partial to NFS 3: Hot Pursuit

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I politely disagree. For me need for speed most wanted is the best in the series.

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I disagree my favorite is most wanted man what a crazy game.

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I think Underground 1 was the best.

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@clstirens said:

@GiveUpNed: I've always been partial to NFS 3: Hot Pursuit

I never understood the love for Hot Pursuit. High Stakes had every car, track and game mode from Hot Pursuit plus more cars, more tracks, 3 more pursuit modes and a career mode.

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The gameplay mechanic of running from the cops and also being the cops is a novel one. Keep in mind that I tend to enjoy racing games that have a gimmick (like a kart racer, or a rally racer with co-pilot) as opposed to just racing.

EDIT: I've never played High Stakes, so I decided to look it up after posting this reply. I literally never realized that it had cops in it, or I'd have probably bought it a long time ago.

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