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2.33 stars 2.33/5 Stars Average score of 6 user reviews spread across 11 releases and 0 DLC

Does not fully have potential... 0

Game play This game is good but it has some problems that the other consoles does not have for example the frame rate is horrible all the the time the screen freeze`s for a sec its not very bad but you can obviously see it in every race. The thing that i like in this game is using the wii wheel because it works perfectly but the car handling is pretty bad for some cars you have to know how to drive in this game especially in top speed challenge because if you turn to quick or you loose control y...

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omg this is tarrable DON'T BUY THIS GAME IF U DO THEN UR A SUCKER 0

ok first off i am a really big need for speed fan but this game is like a rip off of forza 2 it has nothing like all the other need for speed games we should not even call it need for speed prostreet we should call it forza motorsports 2.5 ( a crapy version by EA) EA had somthing good but now then have a pile of crap but they don't care they just want to rip off other games like nhl 2k8 and forza but the next need for speed game i but is the day i hit mysealf with the weedwacker in the basement ...

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Need For Speed Prostreet: A Review by KingreX32 0

Need For Speed Prostreet is a multiplatform game developed by EA Blackbox, and published by EA. It was released November 14 2007. NFS Prostreet is yet another racing game brought to you from EA but this one, strays from EAs typical racing format of racing, and turns it legal. That’s right Need for Speed Prostreet is all about legal street racing.  The storyline for the game is pretty simple and not as immersive and movie like, like pervious NFS tiles. Basically you are a guy named Ryan Cooper, ...

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Another Need for Speed, but not your average Need for Speed. 0

Need for Speed Underground was a huge turn-over in the Need for Speed series, many may consider the series divided in before Underground and after Underground. With the first Underground the series achieved considerable mainstream exposition and the games quickly became a commercial success. The recipe was simple, fast-paced street racing with night-time atmosphere, lots of lighting effects contrasting with a slight metropolitan traffic. The formula was victorious, but after several releases wit...

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Check out for more reviews. 0

The Need for Speed franchise has been known for its fast paced, hot blooded racing and some snazzy chicks along the way and in many respects Prostreet doesn't change the given and successful formula but it falls short due to some less fundamental problems which become to prevalent to recommend the purchase. Prostreet immediately changes its familiar free roaming elements to a race day twist where you'll be navigating through the menus in order to get to races. Prostreet barely compensates for t...

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Prostreet tries to offer a ''simulation'' like feeling... 0

Gameplay : 2 years ago ea came up with the game need for speed most wanted wich was no doubt the best game need for speed game ever created on consoles. It was no doubt great since all the action in the game the cop evasions blacklists and good customisation and cool cars. I really liked it since I beat the game once on gamecube on xbox 360 and twice on the older version of xbox.A year after Carbon was released and it looked similar to most wanted I also like carbon but it was all about getting ...

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