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Review: Need for Speed -The Run 0

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always wanted a driving game to feature driving from one side of a country to the other. I often thought how cool it would be to map out the terrain as realistic as possible but realised that most likely this type of game would never see the light of day.EA Black Box has proven me wrong with more or less fulfilling my dream car game with Need for Speed – The Run. Now I say more or less as the game is not perfect by any means.In The Run you play as Jack Rourke,...

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Need For Speed: The Run Review (6 out of 10) 0

The last two Need for Speed tiles, Hot Pursuit and Shift, were considered more as spin-offs but have provided the best two racing games for the franchise. What The Run has going for it is that it returns to it’s old-school NFS roots. Black Box develops the game this time, making it the first time they have returned to the Need For Speed franchise since creating and finishing Underground and Undercover series. Once again players will return to nitrous-powered action that graced the last generatio...

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The Run the best NSF ever 0

I just can't understand all the hate towards this gameI have played almost all the titles in the need for speed seriesIn all honesty i found this to be the best in one. I played this more than once and it reminded me of the early NSF releases... 1,2,3, and 4The handling is superb and each car feels differentThe game actually requires skill !This feels much better than the insanely silly criterion formula implemented in the latest NSF releases !criterion ruined the series for me ... this made me ...

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Serious flaws with this racing game 0

After the review, I get into my thoughts on the Hugo Award nominees for Best Professional Artist.Other notes: I really wish the game had found a way to include some kind of car customization in the game, whether in terms of performance or appearance.Also, I end up stepping into redundancies with the not being able to easily change cars thing - but that's a really big deal in a racing game. It's kind of a brave move to make this decision, in terms of maintaining the narrative - but from a gamepla...

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Need for Something different 0

Racing games are not normally my cup of tea. Just never been into them.However the premise of this game has always tugged at me. It's basically the "Cannonball Run", a cross country race across America. Genius premise that I can't believe they have never tried before.I wasn't willing to splash out on it on release so I picked it up cheap in the post Xmas sales.The game basically gives you access to a lot of fast expensive cars and puts you on the varied terrain in the states between California a...

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Sadly this NFS game isn't any good... My darkzero review 0

2011’s holiday Need for Speed (NFS) title has a lot to live up to after EA allowed the guys are Criterion Games to make the brilliant NFS: Hot Pursuit. Black Box has the task of trying to beat that, but their last NFS game was the somewhat disappointing NFS: Undercover. This time around they’ve decided to do something different by ignoring their street racing racer boy scene, and instead picked more of an adrenaline-rushing cinematic movie experience that is sometimes enjoyable, but mostly a dra...

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Black Box returns to Need for Speed with limited success 0

The Need for Speed franchise has been in a weird spot for quite a few years. Ever since Need for Speed: Prostreet, the franchise has had some identity issues. In the following years, two more developers have joined the fray and started making Need for Speed games and the market has gone haywire as a result, due to the drastically different games that the developers have been making with the Need for Speed name on them and their wildly varying quality overall. Unfortunately for the developer Blac...

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Need For Speed: The Run is a lesson in terrible storytelling 0

Completely ineffective storytelling is one of Need for Speed: The Run's many faults. While I don't require my racing games to have elaborate and believable stories, I do expect them not to feel like a 13-year-old boy's movie script. If you bother implementing a plot, do try to do it well....Not all racing games are created equal. They may manifest in a myriad of styles but racers centralize around the same concept: driving remarkable cars...quickly. Sadly, implementing that fundamental principle...

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Good for a rental. A strained, frustrating rental. 0

*This review only covers the main story mode on PS3*This game feels like it was rushed: poor optimisation for loading, simplistic-yet-infuriating AI, half-baked story and uneven pacing all culminate in potentially ending the chances of having another true story-driven (no pun intended) driving games, which is the biggest disappointment.While the length of a game should not judge the competence of a game, NFS the Run fails to deliver enough engaging moments in the 6 hours I spent through the stor...

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Run for the hills! 0

The concept fo Need For Speed The Run is both great and terrible. Driving from one end of America to another is a great idea and it keeps the game fresh with no repeated tracks. Having a douchbag of a lead character and a story you won’t care about equipped with quick time events, is quite the opposite. Read on for the full verdict…VisualsThe Run is both beautiful and ugly. The lighting is brilliant, the landscapes mouth-watering, and the things that happen around you can be brilliant chaos, suc...

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