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Best Racing game so far 0

Just like GTA was a changin game, need for Speed changed the way we play races on games. And Underground 2 in my opinion was the transition to a brand new style. Never saw so much car customization until today. I just played through then played again in hard mode and then again....

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Great gameplay but repetitive races. 0

Game play: The beggining is awesome you see how the ending of need for speed underground 1 and you see the beggining of underground 2. You start with a car from rachel a girl that is new to this game and she will guide you in order to be the best racer in the city so you start by playing races and you will notice that there are a lot of different racing modes like circuit ,drag drift ,street X, sprint, URL and a lot more most of these races are in different areas like airports, in the city and i...

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Underground 2 is plain fun but is also mediocre. 0

Gameplay: Underground 2 follows the storyline of the amazing game Need For Speed Underground. I was impressed by the amount of customization that Underground 2 has, you can add so much more to your car like hydraulics, neon under the car, in the trunk and in the engine aswell, Spinners, audio speakers etc... the list goes on. The way you can customize your car in Need For Speed Underground 2 is unique and no other game can be compared to this one.The core game play consists of a total of 223 ra...

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One of the best racing games ever 0

 There is a subset of video games that are rarely played and ignored one or two years after their release. These games have no notable story, and are frequently iterated upon. Sports games and racing games lead this subset. Few would ignore the release of Gran Turismo 5, favoring to go back and play Gran Turismo 2. There’s no notable reason to do so, after all: Polyphony Digital is essentially remaking the same game every time, simply adding more features and polishing the controls to make...

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