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Need for speed world lacks in variety to satisfy the player.

Gameplay: After the undercover game Ea and black box decided to design a whole new dimension in the need for speed series but it just did not work as every one expected the game to be like. The Game itself is fun its not bad since the single-player offers the typical most wanted feeling with the carbon driving mechanics the races in single-player are good but it gets pretty hard as you level up if you do complete the event you doget cash and rep but the race does not disappear and appear new good races. There are a few races that add but there is not a lot of variety in the race styles. I have followed the need for speed series closely I own every game and I will always try the new need for speed that do get out to see what ea are trying to do. Another problem Ea are not capable in offering a good game with good customisation it rather has a big downside in pretty much any neeed for speed. Most wanted was the best game to me since I had decent customisation and everything but no games beat this yet in the series. I have been expecting better. The multi-player is Hard since most drivers are high level and there are no races that automaticly choose some one the same level as you so that makes it unfair what I do is that I play single-player to get more money ad cash and when you're ready you can go online and try your best. The powerups are all new to this game you can use a bunch of powerups to move traffic cars to make them hit the opponent use nitro of course and juggernaut wich pushes everything infront of you and much more these powerups may sound fun but they often start to get frustrating since you have only a limited amount or in multi-player you're about to win then you get hit by traffic cars wich can get on your nerves. I never tought that the need for speed series would be always be close to a bad game or just a good game its rare that there is a superb excellent game I am looking forward too Hot pursuit 2010.

Graphics: Depending on your graphics card the graphics put on a good quality and its pretty decent for a 2010 game since my computer is not really good I have to play on the lowest quality and it still lags a bit so I can put high resolution in everything but it takes 5 seconds to get to 2 kilometers an hour and the car barely moves so I've tried High resolution and It looks great.

Sound: The music is like a mix of most wanted and mostly undercover there are barely no songs I only heard three in the game come on where is EA gonna do I mean the more they make games the worst it gets but there always trying to make games on the right track but there are just not capable of making racing games. So I sincerly think that Criterion will make a 9.0 game of Hot pursuit so my hopes are high for that.

Overall: Need for speed world is a worthwhile purchase it may not seem expensive but all the upcoming Downloadable contents that will be new in the game will cost you a lot and you're technicly gonna pay a good 50 to 60 dollars for the hole game with all the downloadable contents you are getting. Its pretty annoying having locked areas on the map it feels like a demo except it does not have an ending to it.

I would probably think to new members on the need for speed series try the world free trial before purchasing this game.


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