Dreamworks to Attempt a Need for Speed Movie

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#51 Posted by GERALTITUDE (3228 posts) -

I hate video game movies.

#52 Posted by scott_harrigan (9 posts) -

Movies based on story driven games do not work, so how can they make a film out of a racing game and expect it to be good. Unless the need for speed series has an amazing story that no one ever talks about. They have decent writers, but I cannot really see anything coming of this. The only good racing movie I have ever seen was Fast Five and I am completely convinced that, Fast Five being good was a miracle.


#53 Posted by CaptRocketblaze (173 posts) -

This movie will be great, provided it gets to release, because things don't have to be good to have value. I don't need quality storytelling in an action movie. They have the creative staff to make a movie I can watch without thinking about it & simply enjoy ridiculous stunts. The value of that should not be underestimated.

#54 Posted by Enigma_2099 (146 posts) -
#55 Posted by Cloudenvy (5891 posts) -

I will watch this movie no matter what. I will watch it even if it isn't released!

#56 Posted by coaxmetal (1607 posts) -

Hm. Ok, i'm in if they can get Nic Cage and cars and then just ripoff F&F.

#57 Posted by Grievus (19 posts) -

Bitch brought a knife to a motorcycle fight.

#58 Posted by Trilogy (2649 posts) -

Lets face it, Jeff...

<--- Razor isn't going to be a part of it. Lets just lower our expectations so nobody gets hurt.

#59 Posted by divakchopra (86 posts) -

i can't wait to see this movie's review on TANG

#60 Posted by dropabombonit (1490 posts) -

Jeff thanks for reminding me that there was a bike film worse than Biker Boyz

#61 Posted by arimajinn (173 posts) -

Razor Callahan :) yes!! ... make it now xD

#62 Posted by Alex_Murphy (1184 posts) -

I predict that it will have a flashy trailer but it will suuuuuck.

#63 Posted by jasaldo_1 (30 posts) -

Great article Jeff! More like this from the crew please! :D

#64 Posted by Tylea002 (2295 posts) -

I know it's 2012 and not 2001, but a stupid, ridiculous car movie is NOT COMPLETE without fucking millions of pointless Nu Metal tracks.

If they replace them with anything, they have failed.

#65 Posted by Irvandus (2877 posts) -

@JJOR64 said:

Will Shrek be in this?

No but dragons will be in it.

#66 Posted by agentboolen (1763 posts) -

Why bother?

#67 Posted by zudthespud (3281 posts) -

After watching that video of Torque, I now need to find that movie and a Pepsi.

#68 Posted by Blue_Cube (165 posts) -

@nrh79 said:

@ImmortalSaiyan said:

Dreamworks makes movies that are not animated? Or will this be animated as well.

Steven Spielberg movies are DreamWorks, so Saving Private Ryan is DreamWorks.

So what you are effectively saying is that steven spielberg will direct the new Need For Speed movie? That will surely make it too big to fail. I can't wait to see Razor Callahan use a juiced up Honda Civic as a landing craft to fight germans off the coast of Normandy.

#69 Edited by Cubical (637 posts) -

I thought it already was a movie called "fast and furious tokyo drift the need for speed hot pursuit the most wanted 2 the revenge"?

Oh and Rich Gallup was and illegal street racer once too its true.


#70 Posted by 234r2we232 (3181 posts) -

"One day you'll die. Me? I'll live forever"

#71 Posted by Cubical (637 posts) -

OH and I want Sargent cross too.

#72 Posted by Libb (70 posts) -

Placing bets on running time til "I feel the need! The Need For Speed!"

#73 Posted by Red (5994 posts) -

Oh man, that bike fight is the best thing ever. Thank you, Jeffrey.

#74 Posted by Rekt_Hed (848 posts) -

@Enigma_2099 said:


#75 Posted by LD50 (415 posts) -

Ed Norton as Razor Callahan.

#76 Posted by brocool (701 posts) -

Seriously I hope this razor Callahan thing is a joke. It was funny at first. There's no fucking way any sane person would pay money to see anything that guy did or will ever do. He belongs on YouTube with the rest of the generic, incapable loud mouths.

#77 Posted by ObsideonDarman (650 posts) -

God damn that scene from TORQUE. So god damn stupid yet so god damned brilliant in a weird way.

#78 Posted by koleaidify (7 posts) -

Razor Callahan will rise again and jack your car!

#79 Posted by sofakingstewpit (27 posts) -

"looks like you did bitch." hahahahahahaha

#80 Posted by BabyChooChoo (4395 posts) -

For the love of god, please do a fucking tie-in game for this movie. The thought alone is making convulse with laughter right now.

#81 Edited by sam1am7000 (99 posts) -

@AngelN7 said:

Mountain Dew > Pepsi then.

No, the Pepsi girl won.

#82 Posted by fisk0 (4033 posts) -

@Tylea002 said:

I know it's 2012 and not 2001, but a stupid, ridiculous car movie is NOT COMPLETE without fucking millions of pointless Nu Metal tracks.

If they replace them with anything, they have failed.

I would prefer it if they can get some big beat era stuff, like Fluke, Leftfield and Prodigy, circa 1997-99 because that stuff is actually good for real, and also used to be in these kinds of movies.

#83 Posted by SpiralEye (132 posts) -

Get Keanu Reeves for this! Oh, wait..

#84 Posted by siaynoq (86 posts) -

Man I thought that guy in the thumbnail was the T-1000.

#85 Posted by Droops (8 posts) -

I think I'll just stick to the Need for Speed games.

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