So Criterion is making the next Need for Speed game

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Eurogamer Czech is reporting that Criterion is making the next Need for Speed game, like everyone thought.  The next game in the series will be called Need for Speed: Out of the Law.  For all the details, click the link below.  For the time being, here are two pictures for the game.

Link (Google Translated)
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Yah, they have been working on it for a while now. I just hope its a return to the pre-underground style and it doesnt play like burnout. Worst case scenario for me would be if it ended up like burnout with body kits and some horrible urban soundtrack.

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Burnout has always been better than the Need for Speed of that year / era. Yet NFS always sold better.  
I hope they know they need to make a Burnout game that is simply named NFS. Then they will get great reviews and sell well. Anything less is crazy talk (IMO)

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Is that car in the first screen shot the one from Most Wanted? 


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