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Nefarian is the son of Deathwing, and is the current leader of the Black Dragonflight in his father's absence. He has also turned to experimenting with dragon hatchlings, trying to create an unstoppable force known as the Chromatic Dragonflight to increase his power. He is in constant war with Ragnaros for control of Blackrock Mountain, recruiting Warchief Rend Blackhand and his Dark Horde to fight against Ragnaros and Ragnaros' Dark Iron Dwarves.

He is a sinister being, and resides in Blackwing Lair. In World of Warcraft, players could fight through Blackwing Lair, and kill Nefarian. At one point, Nefarian was the hardest boss in the game, and was considered the final boss. Nefarian also dropped sought after items, so it was very rewarding to defeat him. He is also sibling to Onyxia. 
Nefarian will be returning in the upcoming World of Warcraft: Cataclysm and will be located in the Blackwing Descent. It is unclear to how he has returned, whether it be Deus Ex Machina or he is resurrected, as Varok Saurfang mentions that he had place Nefarian's head on a spike.

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