Anyone else have this handheld?

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I remember loving this console back in the day, before I got a GBA.

Bio Motor Unitron kicked ass.

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I loved the feel of the d-pad/stick/thing on the NGPC, found GBA's controls kinda disappointing after that.

Unitron was great, I was more of a Faselei! fan though.  They don't seem to have a page here for that yet :(

#3 Posted by jinxman (527 posts) -

never played that one...kinda hard to find ngpc games now lol...

make the page, I've already posted like 4 games for it that weren't here lol

#4 Posted by Zombiesaurus (52 posts) -

Ha, good point, I've submitted a page for it now.

#5 Posted by r3b3lr0b0t (528 posts) -

I've still got mine!

I only had Sonic Pocket Adventures for it though,but It was a great little hand held. The only thing that bugged me about it was the memory battery thing. I remember my parents getting so Pissed when I needed like 4 of those batteries for my Neo Geo and Dreamcast memory cards all the time haha

#6 Posted by calf_exercises (880 posts) -

No, I didnt. I have me a GBC. That was my first handheld

#7 Posted by jinxman (527 posts) -

psh...ngpc owns gbc in every way...i still have yet to find another handheld with a good joystick instead of a stupid d pad

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I had one but it broke I thought it was pretty good system, Sonic Pocket Adventures was a really fun game.

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I don't have one, but I've always wanted one.

#11 Posted by jinxman (527 posts) -

lol my first one broke cause i was being stupid and put the batteries in backwards =P

my second one still works though, thank god.

#12 Posted by Captainlunchbox (548 posts) -

I just bought one today. Very happy with it.

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Yep, I only owned like 3 games for it though, but I still had a blast with that system.

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I'm amazed at the incredibly low amount of responses.  I bought one of these about a year after it came out and a boatload of games for it.  It's still running on the original pair of industrial grade AA batteries I put in it.  This thing saved my sanity on a plane trip to London.

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Nope I had one of these, other then bad battery life it was o.k.

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I've got my rommates here, though the only games I've got for it are Sonic and Metal Slug. It's OK, but Gameboy Color was better.

#17 Posted by Captainlunchbox (548 posts) -

This thing kicks the GBC's ass. If it had a longer life-span, even more amazing games could have been on it. So far, I've been building my collection and every game I've played has been great. SNK vs. Capcom: Match of the Millennium is probably my favorite fighting game ever.

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This system was great. I  was only able to buy two games before it disappeared off of store shelves. I played the shit out of Baseball Stars and Sonic.  I loved the d-pad/joystick and always though this was how nintendo should have made it. My next handheld was the gameboy advance which had great games but I always thought the Neo Geo had better hardware. 

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