Looking to buy one of these. How much are they worth?

#1 Posted by Deathdealer108 (291 posts) -

I've watched some youtube video of Neo Geo Pocket games and it really made me want to try them out myself. I only had a GBC back in the day, but this looks like it should have been much more successful. For a NGP with no scraches on the screen and a few games how much should I pay? I'm looking for a functional one, not one mint in box. The prices on Ebay go from $20- $150 (haha no way).

#2 Posted by TooWalrus (13197 posts) -

I've got my cousins Neo Geo Pocket laying around here- he's only got 2 games, Sonic and Metal Slug. They're OK, I guess, though I wouldn't go out of my way to own one of those dumb things, Gameboy was way cooler.

#3 Posted by robot4me (193 posts) -

My local overpriced game store has one for $50 u.s.    hope that helps.

#4 Posted by Deathdealer108 (291 posts) -
@robot4me: Yeah, that is about the maximum I'm willing to pay for one. I think they look like fun for a early-2000 machine, but I doubt I would use it much. Only a few games look cool.
#5 Posted by Rolyatkcinmai (2687 posts) -

Oh wow, it took this thread for me to notice that Neo Geo Pocket is NGP.

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