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Nerf Arena Blast was developed using the Unreal Engine. It's weapons are mostly modified versions of Unreal Tournament weapons, and were made to be much more family friendly. In this game instead of kills, the opponents will disappear and leave a point amount behind. The player who is in first will leave behind 1000 points, second place will leave behind 750 points, third place will leave behind 500, and everyone else will leave behind 250.

Game Types

  • Point Blast - Similar to the "deathmatch" mode of other games, but instead you must collect the most points by tagging out other players.
  • Speed Blast - Speed Blast is a racing mode where the players involved try to be the first ones to collect all seven flags in order. when you get "tagged" you re-spawn at the last flag you touched.
  • Ball Blast - In this game mode players must try and find six different colored balls throughout the arenas, then shoot them into a target. Once a player has shot all six into the target one final gold colored ball will enter the arena, the winner is the player who has shot all seven balls into the target.


Primary Fire - Shoots a single dart.
Secondary Fire - Shoots a stronger, but slower fire rate dart.
Primary Fire - Can hold primary fire button to rapid fire a stream of darts.
Secondary Fire - Shoots a burst of 10 darts at once.
Primary Fire - Shoots a single rocket.
Secondary Fire - Shoots a three rocket burst.
Primary Fire - Shoots a double ball shot that can make your opponent drop their weapon.
Secondary fire - Shoots small energy bullets that you can not see in the air. Rapid fire.
Primary Fire - Shoots a small orange ball that will bounce around the arena for a short time.
Secondary Fire - Shoots a blob of green goo. Will stick whomever it touches to that spot.
Primary Fire - Shoots like a concentrated shotgun blast.
Secondary Fire - A wider radius more powerful shotgun type blast.
Primary Fire - Shoots a giant ball of energy, when it comes in contact with anything it expands and will tag out anyone in the radius regardless of health
Primary Fire - Shoots just like a sniper rifle. Has a long distance and very good accuracy.
Secondary Fire - Zooms in.
Primary Fire - Shoots a disk that will bounce around the arena for a short amount of time.
Secondary Fire - Shoots a disk that the user then has control over from the view of the disk. When using this fire mode the user is vulnerable to attack.

Level Creating/modding


Nerf Arena Blast uses a modified version of UnrealED called NerfED. The editor works in the same way, with the difference being the Nerf weapons in place of the Unreal Tournament weapons. It also has a few other additions such as the point targets, and the support for the new Nerf Arena Blast modes.

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