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Character Background

Nerine Forbesii or Rin as she is sometimes called, is a character from the game/anime series Shuffle. She is a demon who has come from the demon world and now attends Verbana Academy in the human world. She is one of the marriage candidates along with Sia for Rin Tsuchimi, who is the lead male character in the Shuffle series. Her grades in school are excellent and her English is top notch. While her cooking skills are considered poor, but gradually improves thought the anime. Her magic capabilities are impressive considered to be equal with her father who is the king of the demon world. she has enough destructive power to destroy an entire city.

Lycoris is an actual clone which has been grown from Nerine's cells, in theory this makes her the second artificial life form created by the gods and devils. Within the anime you discover that she was the one who had met Rin as a child. Lycoris and Rin met about 8 years, as Rin was walking back home he had heard a beautiful song being sung by Lycoris, but the anime had first stated it was Nerine who had sung the song. This led to Lycoris falling in love with him. As Nerine had lost a number of cells from the clone process she caught an incurable illness, Lycoris had decided to give her life to save Nerine. Lycoris had asked Nerine to keep one promise, she told Nerine all about Rin and asked her to see him when she gets better. This led to Lycoris' soul being integrated with Nerine's and also transferred to Nerine was her thoughts, talents and wishes, as well as her love for Rin. After Lycoris had met Rin her feeling for Rin disappeared but Nerine true feeling developed and she is truly in love with him.

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