doesnt ness live near onett, not in it?

#1 Posted by warrior_noob (10 posts) -

ive played some of the game and ness lived near it..or in the outskirts.. and porky was his neighbor.

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Ness(ネスNesu) is a youth gifted with psychic abilities who plays the role of the main protagonist in EarthBound. Born in the town of Onett, in the fictional country of Eagleland (which is supposedly made to resemble America), Ness is a seemingly ordinary boy whose fate would be radically altered on the night of a meteor shower.

It seems that he stayed in Onett, but I think because of his destiny, he moved a little.  And his neighbour's name is Pokey Minch.

#3 Posted by DarkLegend (1383 posts) -

Haha, I notice that too.

#4 Posted by warrior_noob (10 posts) -

pbhht pokey or porkey. dusnt matter. but still, you havta walk like 5 minutes until you see the onett sign ne? such a pain..

#5 Posted by mrsaturn101 (53 posts) -

5 minutes?  for me it was more like 30 seconds.  Its not very far

#6 Posted by warrior_noob (10 posts) -

i dont know. i had all the dogs and stuff attacking me.

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