Have you ever finished Nethack?

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Its been around for 26 years, so its not like you havn't had the time. Have you ever recovered the amulet of Yendor and lived to tell the tale?

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I have been playing it for at least ten years and I have never been close to beating it.  But that is what makes this game great!  Spoilers be damned!  I refuse to read them.

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I've gotten I think halfway through Gehenomm, but that's about it, and that was only getting lucky and getting a bag of holding, amulet of reflection, Cleaver and Stormbringer, and a few other artifacts.  I've been playing since middleschool so... eventually I will!

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No, but the fun part about nethack, at least for me wasnt playing it, it was programing it. I programed a nethack clone from the ground up.

#6 Posted by MikkaQ (10288 posts) -

Oh hell no. I can't finish any roguelikes, I'm absolutely hopeless.

#7 Edited by EarlessShrimp (1639 posts) -
@Dagbiker: That must have been a tremoundous undertaking for one guy.  I think that's better than beating nethack.
@MikkaQ said:

Oh hell no. I can't finish any roguelikes, I'm absolutely hopeless.

I wouldn't say hopeless... I would say not quite dedicated enough?  I mean for nethack I've spent years with it and I know I haven't learned everything there is yet, but a good part of it I still have locked in my stupid brain.  That get's me at least to medusa's lair every time. 
#8 Posted by ArbitraryWater (11736 posts) -

Nope. I can't muster the patience to finish what is considered an "easy" rougelike (Dungeons of Dredmor), so the ultra-hardcore, ultra-WTFness of Nethack has never appealed to me.

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