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Netmaze was developed by Zaifrun/Immaculate for the Mekka & Symposium '98 competition under the 32kb category. The game scored a 6th place finish because the judges did not use the network functionality, instead they had one tank driving around.  The game is played with multiple players in a 2D landscape with a few obstacles and powerups. It was created using Tasm 4.0 and Turbo Pascal 7.0. There is no sound included in the game as well as very limited graphics.


Players control their tanks and try to shoot other players, when a player gets a kill they get 1 point.  There is no set score to win so it is based on when the players decide to stop. Randomly power ups while spawn in the play field that contain weapon upgrades. When the game is started a few randomly placed objects are placed that cannot be shot through.  


Basic Laser - A single laser fired. 
Triple Laser - Three lasers are fired at the same time. Same width as your tank. 
Rocket - Single rocket fired, but faster than the basic laser. 


Players can easily edit the skins file to change the look of everything in the game. Depending on the version Star Trek and Star Wars skins are included with the game.

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