E3 2011: NeverDead Trailer

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#1 Posted by shamroll (158 posts) -

get hyped 

#2 Posted by hungrynun (461 posts) -

This game is pretty interesting to say the least. Can't wait to see more.

#3 Posted by eroticfishcake (7856 posts) -

Ten Brad Bucks on the fact that that vampire dude was voiced by Liam O'Brien.

#4 Posted by Creigz (197 posts) -

Looks interesting....for lack of a better word.

#5 Posted by Tesla (2005 posts) -

This is my kind of crazy. That Vamp ripoff is unfortunate though.

#6 Posted by DBagalot (159 posts) -


#7 Posted by Russcat (147 posts) -

What did I just watch?

#8 Posted by Hardiharr (31 posts) -

Shoot the man who wrote this dialogue. And then again, to make sure.

#9 Posted by thatdutchguy (1294 posts) -

one of the very few original games at E3 ...... E3 in general has been an dissapointment to me.
dont get me started about the Wii U  omfg so fucking retarded

#10 Posted by myheadsonfire (6 posts) -

Is being a NeverDead kind of like being a never nude?  Also, whoa is that Vamp with a red eye?

#11 Posted by Jaize (51 posts) -

>> If he's immortal does that mean you'll never see a game over screen?

#12 Edited by Lrawrl (6 posts) -

the voice acting is terrible fantastic.

#13 Posted by Terjay (844 posts) -

If the gameplay is up to snuff this might be good.

#14 Posted by Tordah (2558 posts) -

So if you can't die then I guess this game will be super easy then? I dunno, it looks pretty dumb.

#15 Posted by joetom (160 posts) -
@Russcat said:

What did I just watch?

You said it, man. This looks... unique. 
#16 Posted by boxoflawls (107 posts) -

Death, dead again.

#17 Posted by KillyDarko (1990 posts) -

Looks too dumb for my taste...

#18 Posted by YI_Orange (1211 posts) -

This game looks so stupid it could be great.
#19 Posted by GlenTennis (3266 posts) -

@myheadsonfire said:

Is being a NeverDead kind of like being a never nude? Also, whoa is that Vamp with a red eye?

He always wears denim cut-offs... of life.

#20 Posted by dietmango (1701 posts) -

Um, yeah...no.

#21 Posted by Jeremy_x (450 posts) -

Megadeth, Rise Kujikawa and batshit insane character design... count me in!!!

#22 Posted by localshop (15 posts) -

You can remotely control your own detached head.

#23 Posted by Tanith (37 posts) -

Jack Harkness + Japan = Batshit Crazy Game?

#24 Posted by Funky_Pasta_Tommy (100 posts) -

 What the what!@GlenTennis said:

@myheadsonfire said:

Is being a NeverDead kind of like being a never nude? Also, whoa is that Vamp with a red eye?

He always wears denim cut-offs... of life.

There are dozens of us! Dozens!
#25 Posted by ghostNPC (803 posts) -

Feels like it's trying to be Platinum Games crazy, but feels disjointed or wrong for some reason.

#26 Edited by eltrut (47 posts) -

Only 20 seconds in and the voice acting...so bad.

Edit: So...I kinda want to play it. Anyone else kinda getting weird Shadow Hearts vibes? I like the whole undead combat, but the 3rd person shooter bit seems kind of at odds with its overall crackyness.

#27 Posted by DeathByWaffle (698 posts) -

Well, I like Megadeth.

#28 Posted by onimonkii (2529 posts) -

if this doesn't play like a budget game it could be interesting

#29 Edited by avantegardener (1248 posts) -

Metal Gear?! Smoking, nonsense dialog, Konami, Sign me up.

#30 Posted by dyong (334 posts) -

Definitely on my watch list. Love the comic book feeling.

#31 Posted by UsbCable (237 posts) -

I ain't Never Dead! :p

This game has my interest, it looks like an old school wacky Japanese game.

#32 Posted by JohnPaulVann (210 posts) -

Too wacky to be a big commercial success. But looks pretty fucking cool, nonetheless. 

#33 Posted by Xpgamer7 (2454 posts) -

I'm interested in the part where she yells "I'll kill you. like this!"

#34 Edited by AlexanderHC (62 posts) -

Look! It's Vamp from Metal Gear at 01:30!

Plus- its game actually looks amazing :P

#35 Posted by Skillface (581 posts) -

And that band is...

#36 Posted by FriskyHeadCrab (43 posts) -

Seriously. A few extra dollars on decent localization? Is that really too much to ask? Japanese games could totally have a market in the U.S. again. This game looks entirely serviceable, but good god damn that voice acting is atrocious.

#37 Posted by AURON570 (1770 posts) -

bwahaha that was so great.

#38 Posted by crazycatguy (13 posts) -

Can't get voice out of head -  so throw head away!

#39 Posted by zoozilla (1000 posts) -

Jesus, this looks so crazy awesome.
And I still don't know what it actually plays like.

#40 Edited by DiGiTaL_SiN (1852 posts) -

I think this game would be 70% better if played in Japanese.

#41 Posted by whatisdelicious (1405 posts) -

In a way, I'm kind of impressed how little effort they put into the facial animations.

#42 Posted by MeatSim (10994 posts) -

Concept is good but this game needs lot's and lot's of work.

#43 Posted by HerbieBug (4228 posts) -

goddamnit Konami

#44 Posted by GoofyGoober (941 posts) -

Story looks interesting as well as SOME of the gameplay.

#45 Posted by MooseyMcMan (11968 posts) -

It's been a while since I've seen a game that gets that perfect blend of Japanese insanity and awesomely bad voice acting. I'm pretty much sold on this game. IT'S GONNA BE CRAZY!

#46 Posted by dungbootle (2501 posts) -

Pretty damn cool story, color me interested. The way the main character becomes cursed reminded me of Berserk.

#47 Posted by Subjugation (4784 posts) -

What. The. Hell.

#48 Posted by The_Laughing_Man (13807 posts) -
@GlenTennis said:

@myheadsonfire said:

Is being a NeverDead kind of like being a never nude? Also, whoa is that Vamp with a red eye?

He always wears denim cut-offs... of life.

Im getting an error when I try to watch it here. 
#49 Posted by lordofmidgets (45 posts) -

This could be pretty good, looks like a decent story, would like to see how the gameplay is though

#50 Posted by Aarny91 (3939 posts) -

I'll keep an eye on this. Looks epic :P

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