Just Reviewed This, Take A Gander! ^^

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#1 Posted by GaZZuM (478 posts) -

Hey guys, I have my own video game website that I run in my spare time just so I can write about video games, and last week I was lucky enough to receive a review copy of NeverDead. I posted my review this morning and just figured I would come over and copy/paste it onto GiantBomb!

Take a goosey gander, and let me know what you think! ^^

#2 Posted by TentPole (1856 posts) -

I think it might be physically impossible for Rebellion to make a game this generation that is not shit.

#3 Posted by Sweep (9767 posts) -

Heya buddy, unfortunately advertising your own site on the Giant Bomb forums is against the rules. If you want to talk about your own external projects, please keep that in your blog.



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