First impressions?

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Hiho everyone,

the game is out for nealy two months now, and I wonder why nobody made a thread with "first impressions...!" or similar to that.

For the guys that own this game: Is it any good? Is it addicting? Is it kinda like Pikmin (yeah u didn't see that coming, huh..)?

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@Chontamenti It is indeed kinda like Pikmin. The character you control can't fight on his own and can die easily, so your troops fight for you. Unlike Pikmin, one unit type is archers with finite ammo (though you find arrows in the world and they can be resupplied in your town). I could give you my opinions on the Wii version, but I don't know of they might have tweaked or improved things for the Vita remake. It didn't sell crazy well on the Wii because it's already a niche genre plus there weren't enough traditional, informed gamers on the Wii who would know to check the game out. The Vita remake probably isn't selling very well either, given how the system is doing. Bit if you own a Vita, LKS is probably one of the more interesting titles you could check out, so go for it I guess?
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@BisonHero: I have one more question: How long did the Wii Version grip you?

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@Chontamenti said:

@BisonHero: I have one more question: How long did the Wii Version grip you?

Hmmmmm. I think I got like 15 hours in, and beat 3 out of the game's 8 (I think?) major bosses, and then either some other video game release or something in real life distracted me away from the game. I totally want to get back to the game because it was just bizarre and really creative visually, and I feebly made an attempt a few months back, but like a JRPG, it's the kind of game where if you put it down for a month or two, you're suddenly like "oh god, how do any of these systems work, where was I going, etc.".

Also, that 15 hours was also a lot of me doing a bunch of randomly generated sidequests instead of advancing the main story missions. I later learned from a wiki that some sidequests add territory to your kingdom, some don't, and the only way you could tell in the Wii version was that the new territory ones ended in "rumour", like "Undead Cow Rumour" or "Giant Mushroom Rumour", which turns out to mean you have to fight that monster, then you gain its territory. I'm hoping the Vita version maybe relocalized it and made weird things like that more clear to the player?

Anyway, it's a cool game with some truly strange boss fights, and your royal advisor keeps telling you how obviously your kingdom's destiny is to expand and take over every other kingdom, and the whole thing has this sinister yet innocent fairy tale tone to it. I recommend you get it, even if the Vita version has all the quirks of the Wii version, because it's definitely one of the more underappreciated Japanese games of this generation that nobody talked about it but it was actually pretty neat.

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