Why don't I have a Shop button in the Coin Rush menu?

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I was wanting to download the free DLC that is available for Coin Rush, and I can't find the stupid shop button. Does the shop unlock after you complete a certain number of coin rush games or something? I got the game from the eShop.

This is driving me crazy. Is there some sort of game update that need to be installed maybe?

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I may have answered my own question.

Switched up my Google search terms and found this:

"To access the New Super Mario Bros. 2 Shop, it must first be activated by a SpotPass notification. This will cause a Shop button to appear on the title screen. Notifications may not arrive immediately if it's been awhile since you last played."


The reason it wasn't working for me is that I hadn't relaunched the game since getting the SpotPass notification.

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You also have to have passed the first world to open up the coin rush mode.

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