I am actually having a lot of fun with this game.

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I just got a Wii U and along side Zelda Windwaker HD which was packed in I got Super Mario Bros U with it, I saw it for 30$ at costco so I grabbed it before I got the console. That said, I am actually really enjoying both games and as someone who beat Mario bros Wii once and has not really had contact with these games for a fair bit of time I am really enjoying myself with Mario Bros U more than I expected based on the response to it.

I wonder if any of you guys feel similarly? I mean there is no arguing that Nintendo have put out too many of these games too fast, but if you avoided half of them I personally think this one is a fun experience.

Now I am just jonesing for Mario 3D World and DKC Tropical freeze!

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Yeah I enjoyed the hell out of Mario Wii U as well. I haven't played a Mario game since N64 so I guess it was bound to be good lol. From what I hear though is that if you passed on the Wii version then this one is fantastic.

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When I inevitably buy a WiiU, I will almost certainly play this. I've beaten all of them so far, and I love them. Getting all the Star Coins in MarioWii was vicious, Coin Rush and DLC was a good diversion in Mario2, and the original was original. I actually especially look forward to the Luigi add-on.

That said, I'm damn sure gonna play SM3DW first.

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I'm sure NSMB U is fine. It's just a victim of being the 4th New Super Mario bros game using that exact aesthetic and gameplay style.

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Mario Bros. games are fun. Rarely are they better than the games that preceded them, but that doesn't make them bad games.

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I thought that game was a ton of fun.

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Well I've avoided pretty much all of them, so I think it'd be safe for me to acquire a copy and enjoy it with the purchase of a Wii U.

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NSMBU is a great Mario game. I never touched much of the previous NSMB games, so I haven't had the chance to become burned out on them, but I think it's fun.

And New Super Luigi U is basically NSMB Hard Mode.

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Isnt there just 1 NSMB per platform? Correct me if I'm wrong but I thought there was one for the DS, Wii, 3DS, and WiiU. Thats still four games, but I think its cool that they make a new game each time with new levels rather than rerelease the same content for every new platform. One per platform seems acceptable to me.

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Ehh, maybe if I never touched the past NSMB games then I would care about the Wii U version, but not enough to pay $300 to play it.

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I really enjoyed playing through it with my friends, though we all unanimously agreed that NSMB Wii was a superior game. I think a lot of the negativity just had to do with NSMB2 coming out only a couple months before hand, causing people to be weary of the franchise, especially since that actually was a pretty bad game by all accounts.

Still, even having enjoyed my time with it I think the game could have been a lot better. Those levels were just really uninspired and it felt like kind of a forgettable waste of a Mario game.

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Very glad to hear you guys are enjoying this game. I just picked up the Wii bundled with Mario Wii U and the Luigi add on for my son for Xmas. Even though I have an Xbox One and a PS4 preordered, I'm looking forward most to getting my hands on the new Mario World 3D.

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its easily the best nsmb game. i really enjoyed it but have no urge to play it again. In saying this i finished mario 3 this weekend for the millionth time.

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Since I haven't played the portable Mario games, I didn't feel the burnout some did. It's a solid Mario game and does some cool things, but 3D World looks to be that Mario game we've been wanting since Galaxy.

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@big_jon: im with you. I picked up a wind waker bundle a few months ago. got mario U and Lego Marvel. Been looking for a used copy of Rayman Legends. Cant not mention the hours I have sunk in to mario kart. WiiU is gonna tide me over till these new systems see some sort of winner or a nice price drop.

Nov. 22. Mario 3D world and new Zelda is what ill be in line for.

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