Pro Controller NOT Supported?!?!?!

#1 Posted by DrMcKittrick (264 posts) -

Are you fucking kidding me? What is the point of having the Pro if you're stuck using the stupid Wiimotes??

#2 Posted by Morningstar (2321 posts) -

It seems like Nintendo always drops the ball in some unexpected ways.

#3 Posted by coakroach (2493 posts) -

Dont worry they'll fix it with an 8GB patch

#4 Posted by Omnomnivore (2940 posts) -

My thoughts exactly. Nintendo finds the best ways to make great products with pitfall decisions buried underneath. The fact that the Pro controller wasn't supported didn't boggle my mind as much as the lack of support for multi-player with the super controller :/.

#5 Posted by laserbolts (5445 posts) -

Yeah that is a bummer how they handled the whole thing. I figured a Mario game would be playable on the pro controller. I guess people will have to make sure to read the game cases before buying WiiU games.

#6 Posted by mobius006 (53 posts) -

Mines in the box.. Probably taking it back ... Figured Mario would work. Guess I was wrong

#7 Posted by DrMcKittrick (264 posts) -

Well the gamepad is fine when you're playing it. But for a second player they should've supported a pro controller. Who the hell likes to use the wiimote as a normal controller?

#8 Posted by MB (14066 posts) -

I'm sure this is because they want people to play with the Game Pad. What gimmick does the Game Pad do in Mario?

#9 Edited by Zekhariah (700 posts) -

@MB said:

I'm sure this is because they want people to play with the Game Pad. What gimmick does the Game Pad do in Mario?

Some of the menus seem rather touch driven, and gyro input is a consistent option.

My Pro controller has not arrived (or ship from newegg yet), and so I've been using the Gamepad thing. My guess would be that the hold-up is gyro related, unless Nintendo is overtly in love with their menus (you can navigate the in game menus without touch though). Gyro input usage is optional (shoulder buttons instead of shaking), but it could be a situation where the Pro controller was pushed next patch because it was not a 1:1 functional input. It was a bit of a surprise, considering the monster patch the wii U got and smaller one that Mario has already had.

There is a bit off missing function to the UI (even if it overall is a great experience). Like, you can operate some menus and games with the Wii Mote, but not the eShop (which would be tedious, but there is no reason it would be impossible). That said, with all of the neat side function that consoles have now, the touch screen ends up being a surprisingly nice addition that makes working with the UI for the Wii U feel like a much more cohesive experience. Until you step outside of the core package items anyway. For what its worth, it feels like a better controller mario than anything else recently. It actually lives of to those circa early 90s and mid 90s memories of NES and SNES, which the portables and sideways Wii mote basically spoiled.

Edit; To be clear, the Pro controller lacks a gyro (although it does add rumble, which could contribute to the hold back if Nintendo wants to patch that in at the time Pro is supported).

#10 Posted by Hailinel (25787 posts) -

Do you have Wii Remotes? If so, there you go.

#11 Posted by DrMcKittrick (264 posts) -

@MB said:

I'm sure this is because they want people to play with the Game Pad. What gimmick does the Game Pad do in Mario?

here's the best part: Nothing

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