The reviews are starting to roll in.

#1 Posted by Gonmog (668 posts) -

Here is one thats on the positive side for the most part. Not the game that it should have been maybe, but still a solid Mario game that does look fun to play....any maybe torture people who play with you.

Has any of the news and reviews for the Wii U and game changed your mind at all about the system? I really do want one, but may have to wait a few months to pick one up. If nothing else, the launch titles are full of AAA games. And I am not linked to one system or a other. So free to get them on the Wii U if i chose.

#2 Posted by murisan (1143 posts) -

That actually looks really good to me. REALLY good. Not worth buying a Wii U for, but nice.

#3 Posted by Gonmog (668 posts) -

Sadly I am starting to see a huge change in tastes in games between me and the crew here. Thats not a bad thing persay...but man they give this game some huge hate in the bombcast. But i do think it looks awesome! (This just came up cause im listening to it now)

@murisan: Yeah that is true. I also want it cause...its new, sorta cheap, and has Zombie U on it. And that game looks bad ass. Cant wait to see that review. And maybe....ill get Black ops 2 on it...theres a twist! Not getting it for the xbox not paying sub fees for online gaming anymore. And no ps3 here right now.

#4 Posted by CrossTheAtlantic (1154 posts) -

[Changes youtube to 720p. Watches a Mario game in HD. Feels happy.]

#5 Posted by murisan (1143 posts) -

@Gonmog: Where are you gonna find a Wii U at this point? Aren't they all reserved or some such? Also, looking on Amazon, the 8GB is selling for $500?! What the ballsack?

#6 Posted by Gonmog (668 posts) -

@murisan: Well some stores do not do preorders. So standing in a line is one way. Target and other chain stores for sure. I may if i get in the mood, go stand in line at the target a few miles from my house.

#7 Posted by CrossTheAtlantic (1154 posts) -

@Gonmog: I have no plans to get a WiiU, but I think some of the hate for it just comes from having it release so soon around similar ones. That seems to affect the guys here a lot. I've never played any of them, though, so I dunno how similar they all are.

#8 Posted by murisan (1143 posts) -

@Gonmog: Damn.. well, good luck. I do love that new console experience.

#9 Edited by Gonmog (668 posts) -

@CrossTheAtlantic: Thats a good point. But is it right for them to issue that hate, when others are not in the same boat as them? They play a lot more games then most people. They make comments about that all the time, unless they are bashing a game for just that reason. Seems...odd...

(Edit, I do not mean to issue hate comments or the like on the crew here. This has been going on for almost a year now. And as i said its not a bad thing, just sad that the crew i have been watching and listening to for years now and me are not in the same boat as to the games we liked. Means the reviews here mean nothing, and when they bash on games, or praise games, I have to take that with a other mind set then i have in the past.)

#10 Posted by Gonmog (668 posts) -

@murisan: Still remember standing outside for my ps2, was a damn party, played Risk half the night, and the other half someone pulled up a truck with a tv and game systems in the back and played random games the rest of the night.

For the Wii, was a bit in snow fell about half a foot worth, but one of the dudes i was talking with pulled up his car and we slept in the car that was awesome lol.

#11 Posted by Kerned (1183 posts) -

That looks pretty good, but those Yoshis (Yoshies? Yoshi?) look sort of off. Like creepy and ugly instead of adorable.

#12 Posted by 42manZ (121 posts) -

I'm actually thinking about buying a WiiU, since I missed the Wii (and that will add many to the list of games I could get), but a 32 gb harddrive is just not realistic to the way that I consume video games anymore. Especially as a mainly PC gamer, going from a sweet tera to 32 gbs seems crazy.

#13 Posted by Gonmog (668 posts) -

@42manZ: Get a cheap external usb hard drive and you will be set. From what i read its plug and go.

#14 Posted by 42manZ (121 posts) -

@Gonmog: I don't think that's a bad solution, but I also think that they are not going to respond to complaints about hard drive space. I'd rather way to see if they release one with a larger harddrive in a year, and also wait to see what gets announced at E3. I've gotten some excitement going for the Wii U, which I didn't expect, but I still want to wait and see.

Besides, if the news is to be believed, it may be a while before they are easy to get.

#15 Posted by Turtlebird95 (3604 posts) -

At least it's not all recycled shit like NSMB2 was. Still hoping they do a New Super Mario World.

#16 Posted by Wampa1 (830 posts) -

As much as I love me some 2D-ass Mario It isn't quite enough to push me into a new console. I recently got a 3DS though is NSMB2 really that terrible?

#17 Edited by evanbower (1247 posts) -

Aside from the question of if another 2D Mario game was the right choice to start the new console's lifespan, I'm glad that from the sounds of it they did 2D Mario right. I was going to get a Wii U whether this game turned out well or not, so as it stands I'm just glad to have another game worth checking out during the Wii U's first days.

#18 Posted by Ducksworth (671 posts) -

All these reviews actually made me realize that I'm going to be spending almost $500 (Deluxe Bundle + Game + Extra Nunchuck) for a console that doesn't have anything I have to play yet so I'm going to cancel my order tomorrow. Glad to see it's getting such positive reviews though, knowing Nintendo the price won't drop but at the very least I know the game will be available well into the life of the console.

#19 Posted by fini_fly (789 posts) -

While I'm glad it's getting good reviews, there still is not enough for me to shell out almost $500 for a Wii U and this game. Maybe once the price drops and a good Metroid game gets released or something. I'm also not sold on the controller yet. According to the Ars Technica review, you can't use the pro controller for this game, which is a little bit unfortunate. Oh well. Maybe in a year or so.

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