4-Man Endurance Run

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Yes please.  I would watch them play through that whole game.
#3 Posted by JJWeatherman (14794 posts) -

nooo. There has to be a story. Ugggh.

#4 Posted by AndrewB (7782 posts) -

It would be awesome to watch, but definitely not much of an Endurance Run. I can't imagine that game being more than a handful of hours long.

#5 Posted by Dethfish (3739 posts) -

People say "New Endurance Run!" on quick looks a lot but I think this is the first game I actually agree with that statement. Maybe not a everyday ER like P4 but an hour video every week would be pretty awesome.

#6 Posted by MrGetBonus (790 posts) -

I'd totally watch them go through this game but I don't think it'd make much of an ER.

#7 Posted by Mushir (2631 posts) -

Not a video everyday, but maybe every weekend. And I'd like them to be complete assholes to eachother.

#8 Posted by Shiftshaper (334 posts) -

I dont see why people think the next ER has to be like P4, that is, heavy on the story. I was just thinking a little while ago that this would make a great little sub-endurance run. 
Like if the would all start with 50 lives and see how far they could make it before they'd all die, doing 1 or 2 levels a day. That quick look was the most amusing QL i've seen in a long time and I agree that this would be an awesome idea.

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Yes. I need it!

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Well, instead of enduring the length of the story they'd have to endure playing with eachother. 
Either way I think we all know it'd be absolutely terrific to watch.

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I support this.

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that would be amazing, mabye not every day though
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Realistically I don't think this is that good of a candidate.The game couldn't possibly take more than 8-10 hours to complete, and that's being generous... Hardly an 'endurance run.' Personally, I think they should do Earthbound.

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I'm on the fence now; the quick look was really entertaining and I've even gone back to watch it again a couple of times, but I have this feeling that the appeal of some parts of the game would wear off after the first part or two. Plus Jeff won't be as surprised having played through the whole game on his own already.
 I think some of the best parts of the quick look weren't only when the crew was being absolute dicks to each other, but when they discovered something new that threw them off. Finding the cannon warp was one of those points, as was the coin battle madness at the end. I really liked the bit after they figured out they could all team up together to kill off baddies and Ryan yelled out "oh, these are ledges... this is terrifying!" too - sounded like the most excitement he had expressed from a game in a while.
That's my concern really, that there won't be as many of those surprise moments. But otherwise I'm all for it. :)

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I vote for the Endurance Run of Ryan and Brad watching the Persona 4 Endurance Run.

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No. I don't want any game to be a canadate for and endurance run that doesn't have voice acting, an intriguing story, and great characters. Some people are saying Earthbound, but realistically, there's nothing in that game that would make it interesting to watch, it would be an awful grind to watch.

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