is tihs game better than the ds version

#1 Posted by vuk49 (11 posts) -

 i think is is the 4 player stuff is awsome and harder levels and yoshi

#2 Posted by JJWeatherman (14795 posts) -

Having played both I would say yes it's better.

#3 Posted by c_rakestraw (922 posts) -

Definitely. Though the two may share many similarities, the improvements and additions to Wii game make it much better than its handheld counterpart.

#4 Posted by Darkstar614 (1124 posts) -

Sigh. Troll. Posted another topic asking whether RE4 was better than RE5.

#5 Posted by Willy105 (4915 posts) -
@Darkstar614 said:
" Sigh. Troll. Posted another topic asking whether RE4 was better than RE5. "
That's also a valid question. Not trolling.
#6 Posted by AjayRaz (12657 posts) -

for sure, 4 player madness FTW

#7 Posted by Snail (8770 posts) -

Well, the DS version can be thought of as the travel size version of the game.

#8 Posted by Cerza (1678 posts) -

No. I think the DS one is better.

#9 Posted by GamersChair (5 posts) -

For me this one is way better. The DS one seems lacking in comparison. Though I will admit, I like that there's more to do with the special coins on the DS version.

#10 Edited by THE_END (592 posts) -

The DS version is better.  I hate controlling my character with the wiimote held sideways because it feels very awkward.  Also, the lack of retro gamepad support killed this game for me.  IF........and a big if we could play this game (including the propeller suit) with the retro gamepad only then would I say yes this game is better than the DS version.

#11 Posted by JonathanMoore (1880 posts) -

New Super Mario Bros for the DS is better. Simply because it was original. I know this sounds horrible, and Super Mario Bros Wii has a great level design throughout, but NSMB on the DS just felt fresh when it came out, playing this is more like having a stain on your T-Shirt and hiding it up with your Jumper.

#12 Posted by Emilio (3583 posts) -

Sometimes when I play the DS game... I accidentally shake the DS because I want to get that extra hover jump...

#13 Posted by Tornac (152 posts) -

It most definitely is, but I only wish it came out on DS. It would have made more sense, as the reason I played so much of the first New Super Mario Bros. was because it was a great portable game that I could play anywhere.

#14 Posted by JonathanMoore (1880 posts) -

I personally prefer the DS version. I mean it was just more shocking at the time that you could play a new sidescrolling Mario game, with the Wii game it just seems like Novelty. Don't get me wrong it was fun, but more like a 3/5 for me.

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