New Super Mario Bros Wii

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Am I the only one super excited for this game? Me and my friends still play SSBB to this day and its a ton of fun. This looks like a game that could occupy my Wii for months to come, like SSBB has done. I haven't played NSMB on the DS yet because I don't own one. But the reviews have been great. That just makes this game look even more promising.

Many people have begged Nintendo for a new sidescroller on a home console, and finally they are delivering. With 4 player Co-Op!

Here's a 15 minute more in-depth look at the game from Gamespot. Check it out!


Things that I would like to see in the game:

Character Selection: Make it so that the first player isn't always Mario. Give us the ability to pick whatever character we want.

More characters: Where's Wario, where's Peach? If you are supposed to save the princess in the game then I can understand why they put those two out. But Blue and Yellow Toad aren't exactly the most popular characters in Mushroom Kingdom. I would like to be able to be Red Toad. That would be pretty sweet. Maybe they could add the Wario Bros as unlockables when you finish the game? That would be awesome. Perhaps Donkey Kong?

Make it fun for single players as well: Right now the 4 player Co-Op looks like a lot of fun! But I hope they aren't only focusing on the multiplayer aspect. I don't have my friends over ALL the time. Sometimes I wanna play alone as well. So I hope they aren't forgetting about the the people who wanna play it alone sometimes as well.

I also love how you can be a total asshole towards the other players. Being able to catch people with Yoshi and then spitting them out infront of enemies. Or jump on top of people while they are trying to jump over a hole, so they just fall down. I can see myself doing this kind of stuff to my friends.

That's all I think of right now. Share with us your thoughts about this game.
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There are plenty of people excited about it...they're talking about it over in the New Super Mario Bros. Wii Forum. You'll see that there is already an existing topic with that Gamespot video in it as well.

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I am pumped of for this game, I love the Mario series. 

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