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4 player fun

      The DS classic has now moved to the Wii console. Is it as good as the original or should we stay with the handheld version.

  • Entertaining
  • 1-4 players (coop)
  • Beautiful 2D visuals
  • New content
  • Easy controls
  • Creates Laughs
  • Classic Storyline
  • Fun for everyone
  • A little frustrating at times
  • No minigames
      Overall this is a great and entertaining experience for the whole family.   

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    It's time for the new super mario bros wiiii review... For the wii. I don't need to go over the story because at this point, everybody knows what the story should be for a mario game. This is a 2D platformer like super mario world and new super mario bros. This game also features multiplayer... AND ITS CHAOS. This game has 9 worlds with 18 bosses in all. My only complaint is the multiplayer can become too chaotic. Other than that, it's a great game, and you should definitely buy it now....

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