rockenhard's New Super Mario Bros. (Nintendo DS) review

A new twist to a old classic

Since I don't own NSMBW yet, I thought I'd review the first one. Now let me start by saying that if you're an old fan of the original one, then you'll get used to this game really fast. The plot is the same only this time it's Bowser Jr that kidnapped the princess and not Bowser (Although Bowser still does show up in the game as the first and last boss.) You go to 8 different worlds (2 of which are hard to get to). Most of the courses are taken/ similiar to the courses from the original game. Players can play as Mario or if they hold L/R Luigi. Players can also compete in two player mode, wireless. They will play as either Mario or Luigi and try to see who can get to the end of the level faster. My only complaints about this game are Bowser Jr's annoying laugh (and the character in general) and the annoying Lakitu's who are nearly friggen impossible to kill. Overall a great game. I'd give a 8 out of ten.


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