Guys, free nexuiz steam codes.

#1 Posted by OldManLight (887 posts) -

First come first served.




#2 Posted by kindgineer (2771 posts) -

Thanks a lot!

#3 Posted by McGriddle550 (285 posts) -

Thanks duder!

#4 Posted by pandorasbox (303 posts) -

I payed for this game. It's not worth money. :(

#5 Posted by ez123 (1967 posts) -

Thanks :)

#6 Posted by superpow (227 posts) -

That game is no good. Trust me.

#7 Posted by Skytylz (4033 posts) -

I've been playing the free weekend some and it's pretty fun. Don't get many arena shooters now a days.

#8 Posted by kindgineer (2771 posts) -

@pandorasbox: @superpow: Why did you post here? To deter people from using free codes? The game is fine.

#9 Posted by SexyToad (2760 posts) -

Dahm I was too late.

#10 Posted by NTM (7485 posts) -

@pandorasbox said:

I payed for this game. It's not worth money. :(

It's not even worth playing for free.

#11 Posted by believer258 (11999 posts) -

Ah well. I just had to come across this thread while in Ubuntu and not Windows.

However, from what I see it's not even worth my time. I gather Quake Live is a better investment of my time.

#12 Edited by fisk0 (4291 posts) -

Personally I think the game is pretty damn fun if you can find any other players, preferably at your own skill range. I usually end up alone against 2 pro guys, which aren't the greatest of experiences, though you do get slightly better after a few rounds. I think the weapons are diverse enough and feel pretty good, the maps would be great if they weren't set to one game mode per map, especially when none of them are old school deathmatch. With so few players, who the hell wants to play a game like this in teams?

The dynamic mutator system is pretty damn fun, I think, but the small player base aside, it's crazy that it is limited to only 8 players per server. Old school FPSes got way past that limitation in 1994 - quickly leaving the 4 player mode of Doom behind in favor of 16 or 32 players, and a game like this really shouldn't be played with less than 16 or even 24 players per match.

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