Why so much hate?

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So I've only seen a little bit of this game, but from what I can tell, it looks like a pretty, flashy, fast-paced arena deathmatch shooter. That just sounds like an awful lot of fun to me. But for some reason most of what I see on GB about this game from the community is one-word responses such as "awful" "boring" "pass" etc. Now everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I'm curious as to why it seems to be the overwhelming sentiment. No one seems to have offered any reason as to why it looks terrible. Is their something I'm missing? If you think it looks bad, how come? If you think it looks awesome, how come?
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Well, I am personally interested in this game, but my guesses are:
    - They're announcing it as "coming to consoles".  Some people are the kind of people who can't use a controller so a game this fast might be blinding for them.
    - There is a PC version but the original version is still free.
    - People are probably deciding that it doesn't look as good as, let's say Unreal Tournament, and if they're giving money for that kind of game, they'll put it on something more known.
    - People are into Modern FPS.  Like Modern Warfare 2. 
    - Some had they're fill during the Quake era.
I play the original Nexuiz sometimes and I'm still interested to see what this new one will be like.  I dunno, I'm weird.

#3 Posted by Nettacki (1332 posts) -

Some people don't like how the founder of this game "sold out", leaving the actual original dev team out in the cold and left to making Xonotic.

#4 Posted by D_W (1365 posts) -

I think it looks interesting, but it'll be hard to compete with Team Fortress 2.

#5 Posted by TheGremp (2082 posts) -

Looks too slow for me.  The free version is really fast-paced and very similar to quake, but this looks like Halo.  Seeing as Halo sucks, I'll pass.

#6 Posted by nohthink (1370 posts) -

I personally don't care because it's a futuristic shooter. Simple as that

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Nice idea but it does seem like a wasted license for CryEngine 3.  The PC version is not a great game and the Quake Engine roots make the map sizes very small.  I hope they increase the map sizes in this version.

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@Nettacki:  Oh well I didn't hear about that. :/
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There's some information on the Open Source project, now called Xonotic which will continue development based on community contributions since the split of some of the orginal Nexuiz team.

What prompted the split from Nexuiz?

Lee Vermeulen, the Nexuiz project founder, decided to license the Nexuiz code (with LordHavoc licensing the Darkplaces engine) to a new game development company named Illfonic so that they could develop a closed-source version for the PS3. As part of this deal, IllFonic acquired the rights to use the name Nexuiz along with the domain nexuiz.com, and are under no obligation to contribute code back to the open-source Nexuiz project (and have stated that they have no intention of doing so).

When this was announced, the response from the Nexuiz community was overwhelming negative, even among the development team and main contributors. Vermeulen had not actively participated in the project for several years and all development had been done by the community. Most members have expressed a sense of betrayal and cited the project as an example of mushroom management. Vermeulen essentially cashed in on the hard work of others and sold the code, name and reputation that they had built up over years without him.

Despite attempts to reason with IllFonic, they have refused to change the name of their project to a derivative name even though they have directly stated that their “version” of Nexuiz is a completely different game. The hijacking of the Nexuiz project by its absentee founder and IllFonic made it clear that it had no future as it stood and thus the community left to found Xonotic.

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I don't get it either, it looks like a CryEngine 3 version of UT which to me seems cool, i'll be getting the trial and trying it when it comes out.

#11 Posted by NinetySevenA (56 posts) -

@D_W said:

I think it looks interesting, but it'll be hard to compete with Team Fortress 2.

TF2 is a Hell of a drug.

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