Is 09 better enough than08 to be worth getting two years ina row?

#1 Posted by EkajArmstro (428 posts) -

Yea, I have NHL 08 and think it's awesome, and am wondering if 09 is better enough than 08 to be worth getting - I would play be a pro mode probably but I care much more about the you-control-the-whole-team type game. I played the demo and noticed little differences, and the pace seemed much slower, does this hold true in the final version?

#2 Posted by Cube (4382 posts) -

Yeah, I dunno. Played the demo and was unimpressed in relation to 08.

#3 Posted by Funnyman22 (43 posts) -

I've bought 07, 08, and now 09. 07 to 08 was heavy on skating changes, 08 to 09 seems to be mainly focused on making the game experience fall in line with how hockey is played in real life.

I think the differences between 08 and 09 justify the purchase, but I could see how others would be just as happy playing 08 instead - they're both great games.
#4 Posted by Bellum (2945 posts) -

I've got NHL 99, bitches. Your all behind!

#5 Posted by MatsSundin (108 posts) -

I think its worth it especially for the bump up in terms of defense this year. The game is a much better and more complete game of hockey compared to 08 which seemed very offensive focused.

#6 Posted by demonbear (1928 posts) -

This game os NHL08 and THEN some. Yes pick it up.

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