Need some newbie tips!

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I kind of suck at this game, though to be fair this is the first NHL game I've bought for 9 years now and I don't even watch NHL (not exactly a huge sport here in the UK) but its still a very fun game and I'm enjoying it. I just need some advice on how best to handle the game, I'm currently stuck between the NHL 94 Controls and the default controls. With the NHL 94 Controls I enjoy them and they remind me of that classic game I loved so much on the Megadrive but I also feel as if I'm missing out on certain aspects of play such as the fact that I can't seem to tackle to well while using that control system. 

I dread even touching the online multiplayer as I'm 100% sure I'd have my backside handed to me by you yanks and Canadians. But I would like to give it a try, I just don't want to go and get slammed and hit out at by fellow players just cause I aren't that good at the game. Same as if some of you would play FIFA 09, it would be alien to some of you! thats what its like for me with NHL. Its a very fun game tho and so much more fun then Madden in my opinion. Its just I haven't cracked it yet, I played NHL 94 endlessly but it was quite a bit simpler back then, I sense the game requires you to master the default controls to be a better player rather then relying on the NHL 94 control scheme. 

Any newbie tips are welcomed!

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I'm in exactly the same boat as you.  Used to love the NHL games on the Megadrive - NHLPA 93 and NHL 94, but haven't really touched one since.

Picked this up today on the strength of the reviews and the demo, and love it so far.  But living in England I know nothing of hockey tactics as I don't watch the sport (very dull sport tbf, like NFL, but they make for good videogames - just my opinion)

I'm using the default control scheme as I want to get used to using the 'Skill Stick', and I'm slowing getting it but feel there's a lot I'm missing as I don't know when to use certain moves - i.e.  Deke, saucer pass, check pokes, stick lifts etc.

I'm just having a read of IGN's guide - you might want to check it out

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