NHL 09: Anyone else excited? Looking forward to anything?

#1 Posted by NateDogg (503 posts) -

Im pretty stoked the game will be out in 2 months.

Things i'm looking forward to..

1) Improved online gameplay (the occasional looping bug)
2) Improved defensive play by AI teammates
3) Was it just me or did EA announce at E3 a new roster updating system that would update player stats and attributes on the fly based on players play that actual season.. I think they were referring to Madden or possibly NBA.. but if thats true it'd be nice if they included that into NHL 09. (Did anyone else here that..?)

Curious to how many hockey fans are on Giant Bomb.. I know I saw a Coyotes and Canucks icon on the forums.. !

#2 Posted by METALM1LITIA91 (305 posts) -

no i don't think anyone south of canada is excited about hockey game

#3 Posted by Blubba (564 posts) -

I'm looking forward to it. I'm liking the defensive controls. Hopefully better and more frequent roster updates. Hopefully it's not rigged like previous entries. And no guarantee goal moves.


"no i don't think anyone south of canada is excited about hockey game"
Hey now...
#4 Posted by Fosssil (637 posts) -

Has anyone else seen the newest trailer for this game, where they demonstrate the Online League mode? Up to 6 human players at a time can play on the same team (5 skaters and a goalie per team) against similar teams of human players. Each person controls their own unique in-game player at all times during the game, deciding their every more and following them every step of the way. It looks really innovative and has made me even more pumped for this game.

#5 Posted by NateDogg (503 posts) -

Agreed on the guarantee goal moves.

And i didn't see the trailer for that online league mode.. it sounds amazing though!  I'll definately check that out.
Now if they can just fix the online bugs i will be totally satisfied.

#6 Posted by GoranP (1253 posts) -

I'm looking forward to the game. I don't follow hockey at ALL, but I really enjoy the games.

#7 Posted by cjmhockey (245 posts) -

I'm looking forward to NHL 09... just finished playing some NHL 08 before I hopped on the forums.

#8 Posted by Ragestreet (25 posts) -

i am. if we get a pretty decent amount of players/interest, are you guys up for an nhl08 off-season league?

#9 Edited by Fosssil (637 posts) -
#10 Posted by kratos (225 posts) -

hell yeah it looks fantastic all around. the Be-A-Pro mode looks awesome.

#11 Posted by Feanor (1440 posts) -

Yeah I'll defiantly be picking this up.  The last NHL game I bought was 07, this one should have enough features to make it worth a buy.

#12 Edited by Peekay (11 posts) -

This game is going to be amazing (imho) and will be groundbreaking in regard to online team play in relation to sport games.  The is going to be the ability to form team “Guilds” of up to 50 players.  These will be user created players that will receive ability points based on your performance. From there you level up your NHL character.  EA will have all these guilds in an enormous EA league (only 1) where full stat tracking is enabled.  At some point a guild (team) will be crowned the first ever EA NHL hockey champ, flown to a ceremony where a version of the will be presented to them.  Put this on top of the revamped defensive controls which will hopefully take away some of the money goals from 08 and you have something very special.  Oh ya there will as be fully functional single player leagues with up to 30 individuals competing with their favorite professional team.  These leagues will also include full stat tracking.


#13 Edited by Blubba (564 posts) -

I hope they included a fantasy draft for dynasty mode, or at least, make the Coyotes not so crappy.

#14 Posted by epic_pets (1345 posts) -

I hevent enjoyed a hocley game since 05, but im very intersted in this one though.

#15 Posted by NateDogg (503 posts) -

That video from game trailers looked amazing...!!
"Leveling up" your own player in an online league sounds to good to be true.. and the 3rd person view..!! Things can get really interesting!

Wow I can't wait.. great posts guys..!

#16 Posted by Ragestreet (25 posts) -

awesome stuff. anyone here still play nhl 08 regularly? add me.

#17 Posted by Hedge (35 posts) -

i just wanna see the guaranteed goals go away. 08 has been reduced to like 3 moves for me and my friends.

#18 Posted by nat (242 posts) -

cant wait for it. about time they added be a pro mode

#19 Posted by sterbacblu (271 posts) -

Even back in NHL's heyday I didn't get the series on an annual basis, but the control scheme introduced in 07 rejuvenated the game and it only improved more in 08, so I'm very excited for this year's release.

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