NHL 09 Demo.

#1 Posted by Homes (361 posts) -

We all know the Red Wings and the Penguins will be in the demo but any word on when it will be released?

#2 Posted by britgamer (7 posts) -

Soon I hope. I seriously cannot wait for this game!

A GiantBomb team for the online league would be awesome.

#3 Posted by NateDogg (503 posts) -

I hope the demo comes out soon as well. Sometime in August I would guess..!

A GiantBomb team would be cool..! I'd be down..

#4 Posted by poser (552 posts) -

A week or two before the game comes out... isn't that how it always works?

#5 Posted by Homes (361 posts) -

I'm pretty sure. Since it is EA I think 2 weeks is about right. Madden demo was released today and Madden comes out August 12th so that's about 2 weeks. If it holds true I guess that means anywhere from August 30th to September 1st the demo should be out. Awesome.

#6 Posted by albedos_shadow (1558 posts) -

I hope to god it comes soon, cause I can't wait.

#7 Posted by CharleyTony (1021 posts) -

JUst read somewhere that it would become available on the 21st of august ,, .. pretty soon ....

#8 Posted by dzigns (89 posts) -

August 21 could definitely happen. People might say that it'll be two weeks before it's retail release (so the 28th for the demo) since that's what Madden and Tiger Woods did, but Madden and Tiger Woods don't have any direct competition, and NHL2K9 has already released their demo. This differs from last year substantially since NHL 2K8 didn't release their demo until after the retail game hit store shelves.

#9 Posted by Ragestreet (25 posts) -

NHL 09 DEMO OUT NOW FOR THE PS3 (i can personally confirm this) go get it!

#10 Edited by Ebisch (58 posts) -

Yah, it's out on PS3 now and feels a whole lot better than 2K9.  At least in the demo, 2K9 felt really slow and the arenas looked like scale models covered in one to many coats of gloss.  09 on the other hand plays pretty well so far.  And putting Sidney Crosby into the boards is allways fun.

I really hate his whispy mustache.

#11 Posted by CynageN (1205 posts) -

So.. yeah... where the hells the 360 demo?

#12 Edited by LilBew (95 posts) -

ya the demo is on the psn ea said 360 version in sept    when u fire up the demo u get a tutorial of the new controls then u can play the game u can play  quick play and be a pro  for a period the game its killer 

Download the demo today on the Playstation® Network. The Xbox 360™ demo will be available in September. Keep checking the site for updates. http://www.easports.com/nhl09/news.jsp

#13 Posted by CynageN (1205 posts) -

That's pretty irritating. I don't own a ps3.

#14 Posted by Dizzyhippos (2152 posts) -

For the longest time all nhl games have felt like a video game version of hockey, at least in the demo 09 feels like an actual hockey game

#15 Posted by Ragestreet (25 posts) -

demo is out now for the 360...go get r done!

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