NHL 94 Control Scheme!

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Well I decided to check the demo out, I'll happily admit I don't watch much if any NHL and I couldn't tell you who one player is to the other. So its great credit to EA Sports that I really enjoyed it. Mainly because of the NHL 94 Control Scheme. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure there is a whole lot more challenge from the Right Analog Stick system which is found in the game by default but I always loved NHL 94 on my Sega Megadrive. Now I'm not sure if this Control Scheme as been in any of the recent past NHL games but its great to see it in there.

For me it wasn't about the teams or the players as I didn't hardly know any of them. But it was still a blast to play and I spent a lot of hours playing it. Nice to also see Be A Pro mode in there, its a fantastic new mode that I have loved since FIFA 08 introduced it. Its great credit to EA Sports that I might consider buying a game which I don't watch a great deal of. With FIFA 09 looking like its going to be great, sounds to me like there pulling up their trousers and improving their games finally.
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The NHL '94 control scheme is new to this version of the game and I think it was a great idea. NHL 08 and now 09 have gone with a more sim-like set of controls (which I love), but giving players this option really opens up the game. I think that this basically makes NHL 09 fun for anyone who has a slight interest in hockey games.

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NHL 94 was in NHL 08

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I dont watch much NHL either because we dont get much of it aired locally so I dont know a lot about current players and detailed rules of the game etc. But I love playing a good ice hockey game and anything that makes it easier for a casual fan of the sport to pick up and enjoy is Ok in my book.

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