Something is wrong with NHL 09 for me...

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So I have NHL 09 on the PS3 and have been playing it for a while. But recently there seems to be something wrong with it. Here is an example of what happens:  I load up NHL 09, I go to play now, I start playing, and after the 1st/2nd period the announcers stop talking, the music stops working, then after the game sometimes it will freeze on me or it will take me to the menu (and there is no music playing). Then if I try to start another game, it freezes on me. It has been doing this lately and it makes me EXTREMELY upset. Hahaha, my CD is not scratched and my PS3 is practically new. Anyone have suggestions or help?

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Got me, When I play it for 360, my controllers always randomly turn off during the game, even though they are fully charged. and sometimes gameplay lockes up for a second on my end...or thats just shitty programming once again.

I dunno what to say, if all your other games work fine and test them out, is probabaly the disk, or the game in genreal

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The same thing happened to me on my PS3 version and the Blu-Ray player crapped out immediately after. Hopefully that won't be the case with you considering your stuff is still new, but you might want to keep your receipt handy just in case.

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You guys,can you please check out my NHL 09 forum post called NHL 09 trouble,it means alot to me if you do!!!

Anyway,if you downloaded the game the seeder(the guy that uploaded the game)might be high or you know weird or an alchoholic or you know what i mean.
Otherwise if you bought the game i dont know what.

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