Besides what's been announced what new features do you want?

#1 Posted by btman (1114 posts) -

I'm still an avid NHL gamer and a couple of things I would like to see updated

  • Improved switching players (I'm tired of not switiching to the guy who's up ice. I don't want to switch to the player right next to the guy with the puck in the defensive zone)
  • More celly's. FIFA has like 80 celebrations and NHL could use a couple more.
  • Improved passing.
  • Coaches that look like the actual coaches.
  • Practice Mode with 2+ player free skate.
  • New Game Modes
  • Improved referee AI (Pick up the damn broken stick)
  • Computer players who don't take penalties...seriously online it is ridiculous.

Let me know what you guys think or what you'd like to see changed.

#2 Posted by MightyDuck (1632 posts) -


I really want to see more presentation and stat over lays throughout seasons, etc. I can only hope the GM AI has been improved as well. I've bought every NHL game since NHL 2004, but I feel like I haven't played NHL 12 as much lately. I hope 13 really re-engergizes the series with some new ideas.

I'd still love some sort of NHL 94 emulation again but with current rosters. I loved that it was on the NHL 06 game.

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Being a huge fan of the NHL games I definitely have some ideas for improvements. Some are really picky but others I feel would add big improvements to the game.

  • I def agree with more celebrations
  • Maybe new commentators? I'm sick of Bill and Gary
  • If you take a game misconduct you should switch to a dumbed down computer player, kind of like if you get injured by a shot the game switches you automatically to a computer player. Too many times have I seen within the first minutes of the game a player take a game misconduct and has to sit out the rest of the game. Just switch them to a lower overall computer player so at least they can still participate somehow.
  • In drop in games you should be able to vote to kick out a player. Players who just standing around or take constant penalties or who don't understand the game at all just end up ruining the experience for everyone else. Especially if you have a user goalie who decides they're just gonna lose the game intentionally. Majority votes to kick out players would be nice.
  • In club games where you have a user goalie and select to play teams who also have a user goalie, if a goalie quits out of the game the club should automatically be given a loss. The reason why people look for match my goalie, is so they can play a team who's also using a user controlled goalie. It changes the whole dynamic of the game if one goalie decides to quit while another is still in the game.
  • Better overall matchmaking please.
  • Different unlockable arenas, like in FIFA. It would be cool to unlock bigger or different arenas and be able to name them too.
  • Coaches that look like the actual coaches I also agree would be cool
  • There should be a way to cause scrums after whistles to give it more of a true hockey feel.
  • If I'm not participating in a fight, why am I seeing it from the first person of my teammate? I should be seeing the fight thru my perspective.
  • Actual goal celebration songs that the teams have. And being able to select one for your online club with unlockable arenas you can name, would really feel like your at home when playing home games.
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  • Better menus (all of them). They've been a clusterfuck for the past couple of years.
  • Being able to easily mute other players or at least being able to see who's talking.
  • Better matchmaking in EASHL. It's annoying when people drop out cause they didn't get the position they wanted to play as and even more frustrating when someone gets stuck with a position they don't know how to play.
  • I'm sure there's some sort of legal restrictions from preventing the classic NHL games being included in some form, but that would be a cool addition.
  • One legends team with half (or less?) of the team being actual legends doesn't really cut it. It would be pretty sweet to play with classic rosters instead of just having classic jerseys.
  • Online Skills Competition.
  • Being able to do drop-in/drop-out Free Skate in EASHL club games instead of sitting in a 'dressing room' lobby waiting for other team members to join.
  • Kinect voice controls for changing lines or telling the AI to pass, shoot, dump, or freeze the puck. Maybe also for pulling the goalie or calling a time out instead of pausing the game and digging through a bunch of menus just to call one.
  • I also agree that the officiating is terrible. I've lost plenty of games due to sketchy 'delay of game' calls that wouldn't happen IRL. NHL 12 does a poor job defining what's played in the trap behind the net.
  • And lastly a better Replay feature. Being able to upload to youtube would also be a favoured addition.

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