EASHL Player Attributes

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I know this is probably not the site to ask these questions, but I do it anyway 'cause I know people here generally aren't douchebags. I've played about 60 games in the EASHL with my club, we play with everything from 2 players to 6. Problem is, when we play more than two players in a match, it feels like we just can't get the puck at ALL. No matter how perfect the pokechecks or bodychecks are. Even if we knock the puck loose timing it perfectly, the puck just bounce to the closest opposing players club, giving him either a breakaway or a perfect pass to carry it all the way to the goal. Sure, we aren't the best players of NHL, I would say mid-tier, but last night we only scored 1 goal over 8 matches, and we lost them all. I'm not a whiner (in the NHL games), but I want my friends to keep playing with me and have a good time.

So, to my question. Is there any attribute except offensive and defensive awereness that makes the player more prone to pick up the puck? Is it related to hand-eye or puck-control? Grateful for any input on any stat what-so-ever, as EA doesn't want to put out any sort of explanation for the stats. There are short explanations in game but they don't help much. Please don't make me go to the EA forums and be told to "get better".

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Glad to see I'm right sometimes :D

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Hand eye and puck control both help, but yes offensive and defensive awareness are the big ones. Hand eye helps them with their reaction time (especially when pucks are in the air and they want to grab it with their glove or stick), and and puck control helps recovery if someone tries to poke it away.

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