I can't decide if the poke check is better than it was in 12...

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#1 Posted by Vrikk (1168 posts) -

...I mean, on one hand they are trying to make it more realistic so the puke doesn't "glue" to your stick, but again it's also extremely hard to move more than a few feet with the puck in your possession.

Maybe I'm just used to NHL 12.


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#2 Posted by Monopolized (554 posts) -

it definitely makes people pay for trying to deke with the puck near the blue line, which I enjoy

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#3 Posted by btman (1114 posts) -

I like it a lot more. Easier to the puck off the players stick. And so far I haven't received one tripping penalty. That drove me nuts in 12. I'd clearly get the puck and than he'd lose his balance and I'd get a penalty.

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