So this game ain't coming to next gen consoles, eh?

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I'm disappointed that this game doesn't seem to be coming to next consoles, as I'd rather not still be using my 360 this April, but I can't see anything that officially confirms it one way or another. Has the developer said anything on the subject?

Madden, FIFA, et al. get their next gen release, what about hockey fans?

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I remember reading an old IGN article that said that they're skipping next-gen this year with NHL, and Tiger Woods this year. Next year seems fine.

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Madden and Fifa sell no matter the quality of the game. the NHL games, though always better, do not sell the numbers that Madden and Fifa do. I would rather they take a year and do it right then have some half assed port come out. Remember the first Madden on 360? it was fucking BAAAAAAAAAAAAD

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I miss the NHL series being released on the many awesome mods.

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I'm alright with it skipping next-gen but it would be good to see it come back to pc!

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@matti00: We've long since stopped's our fate as hockey fans.

You could always get off the chesterfield, put on a toque, and hit the pond with your friends once the weather gets cold enough though, eh?

(The preceding comment was said with a wistful I now live in a land without ice, a few thousand miles from the backyard my gramps used to flood in London, ON...)

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I am alright with them skipping the next gen this year since I still have a PS3 and not a PS4 not quite yet.

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