Am I ready for Shadar?

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I'm at the point in the game where I'm about to fight Shadar, not the first encounter. Right now I'm level 66 and have the perk that boosts HP and MP. Is it safe to say I'm in good shape? I just don't want to head in to this battle, since from what I've heard can be pretty rough if not ready, with out knowing if I have a fighting chance. So, am I ready or should I grind a little more?

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I would think you are. I think I was a lower level than that when I finished the game. Isn't there a save point before you fight him?

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@foghorn6:Yeah, there was a save point. I knew there would be, I just hate going into a multi boss battle, getting to the last part of it and then dying, something I've always hated/loved about JRPGs. Hated for having wasted my time, loved because of the challenge and feeling after the battle. I must have been hugely overpowered since nothing of that battle was challenging. Guess I have my backlog of Bombcast episodes to thank for all the grinding I did, well, that and the fact that I kept finding tokotoko enemies left and right.

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Yeah, at your level the rest of the game will probably be a cakewalk. I think I was around level 67 or 68 when I finished the game. I mostly just spammed Mornstar/Evenstar on all the remaining bosses in the game and didn't have any issues.

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Yeah your more than prepared man. Go for it. Make sure you have some Resurrection items though just in case.

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I was like level 52 at the time and shadar was easy enough. Although the boss after that, oh my.

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I was at 66 or so when I beat the game, and I hadn't learned the best spell for that last fight. So yeah, you are good where you are at now. More than good!

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Good grief. I'm at level 66 and I haven't even completed Mornstar yet.

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Shadar is extremely easy. Just save a crapload of MP recovery items and spam Mornstar continously at Shadar,usually he'll go after you completely avoiding your other party members for the first two fights so just remember to always run and spam Mornstar,pretty useful and getting a good defensive monster too since his magic can be extremely strong. I beat him on the first try at like level 46 by just spamming Mornstar and MP pots while Swaine and Esther just attacked him with either Bone skeleton for Swaine decent enough level and just switched from time to time to use Psyche Up and Esther whatever you want to do with her

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