Free Golden Hurley Familiar

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Thanks for the heads up!

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Yeh thanks! Now i just need to wait for the game to release and see what i just downloaded :)

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@AlisterCat: Thanks for the heads up duder!
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Anyone from outside Europe tried it? I assume it will work but I don't know.

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@AlisterCat: Awesome. Thanks for point that out! =D

I think that was the DLC Amazon had? All I know is I got it this morning early from Shopto and now I also have the DLC for free. Great game so far.

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@Vanek: The pre-order bonus is 'two exclusive familiars' which is what the PSN store offers for pre-ordering, so I bet they're the same ones. Golden Hurley comes with the prima guide.

I got my wizards edition from shopto this morning so now I have all 3 DLC golden familiars! Good since the guide is sold out unless you want to get scalped.

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When I read this I assumed there was some crazy weird LOST tie in and you got Hurley in animated form. I am now dissapointed :(

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Im in canada and it said "you are not eligible for this." I also got a code from amazon for a free familiar ticket but the code wont work! I just want some more little bastards to love!

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@meismike: DLC codes are region locked, or so I have heard so if you got that code from a foreign arm of amazon then it might not work.

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I bought it from so it should work. What do the tickets do anyways? Are they unique familiars or can you get them regularly in the game?

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@meismike: I have no idea, sorry. I haven't actually played my copy yet, and technically it isn't out here until tomorrow.

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@meismike said:

I bought it from so it should work. What do the tickets do anyways? Are they unique familiars or can you get them regularly in the game?

There are some that are for just regular ones, but as far as I know there are only three gold ones, and those are special overpowered ones. And they have a gold appearance in the game. You also cannot redeem the tickets until about 10-12 hours into the game.

I just got my copy of the guide, and upon looking in it there is a gold version of every base familiar post game. But there are only the three DLC ones. Which also happen to be copies of the same post game ones. The only DLC one I can not find is Griffy, the pre order DLC from Amazon. Apparently that is the only unique one that is not actually in the game normally.

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They are region locked and bound to a single account. So if you don't play on an European account, this will not work.

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Thanks, downloaded it!

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@AlisterCat: Golden Hurley is also free on the US Store

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@iGooner7: Excellent. Thanks.

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@AlisterCat: glad to help.

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@iGooner7 said:

@AlisterCat: Golden Hurley is also free on the US Store

There is no Ni No Kuni DLC at all on the US PSN store. You can only get them with codes in the US.

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@oulzac: huh? How come I have Golden Hurley for free then?

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not eligible to download or purchase that content :(  so much for free.

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@Marz: You may need to access the store from your region.

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@iGooner7: You sure you didn't use a code for the guide? If you go to the US store, or look on your PS3 on the store app, there is nothing for Ni No Kuni, nor Golden Hurley.!/en-us/search/f=^golden|bucket~games%3Agame_content_type~addons|

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@oulzac: 100% sure. Maybe it was a glitch and I was right there to get it. Weird....

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IT WAS THERE! OMG It was there and now its not Content not ..there..I hate!

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@AlisterCat said:

@Marz: You may need to access the store from your region.

the link was for the US store and I am from the US, but didn't work.   Also links don't seem to exist anymore.
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I've updated the first post in any case. Links still work for me in UK.


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