Just got Platinum. My one piece of advice...

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Mugshot. If you want to craft the best gear in the game, or you want the trophies, use Swain's mugshot in every fight you can. I spent 20 - 30 hours grinding for rare materials after finishing the game, and you will too unless you start stealing these materials as you go through the game. This applies largely to the alchemy trophy where you must make 120 of the items (or close to that). Craft 91% of all that is available in the game.

Oh, also you may want to want to only have 1 powerful familiar and 2 for leveling and evolving on each character since you need to own or have owned 250 of the familiars in the game. That is another trophy which may require a huge grind. Any questions or other tips? I feel like we need to collectively lessen the pain of the end game in Ni No Kuni.

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I've given up on this, gonna get all but the 250 familiars and the 120 alchemy recipes. I just can't justify the time I have to spend.

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Dunno if I'll go for the platinum, right now I'm in post-game and have 55 hours of gameplay. I'll keep grinding a bit for fun, but I doubt I'll have the endurance to do the alchemy trophy.

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@alistercat: See I haven't been having issues with the alchemy stuff. At worse you can just go fight Guardian of worlds over and over and get guaranteed drops of rare items every time. The thing that is holding me up and making the prospect of getting these last two trophies gloomy is the 250 familiars. I'm at like I think 150. Been picking away it it though. If nothing else its been keeping me occupied.

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@demoskinos: The suggested method for familiars is to repeat the guardian of worlds over and over with different familiars in your backup slots to get their other forms.

When you need 5 or even 10 of these rare materials, and you might get the one you want every 5 - 10 fights, grinding the guardian becomes a real chore. I had more success stealing from the specific enemies.

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@alistercat: Well see even that becomes an issue because with things like glow stones they are only a rare steal from specific gold enemies that hardly ever appear. But training up some of the lower rank familiars isn't a bad idea I suppose. I'll see if I stick with it. I'm wondering if I have the last Harp now for Esther and if that affects the capture rate at all.

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I've given up on this, gonna get all but the 250 familiars and the 120 alchemy recipes. I just can't justify the time I have to spend.

Yea, i hit the 100hr mark and just got bored with the whole random drop,grind crap. Its too bad all they had to do was implement perks that were more meaningful than jumping or a small percentage increase in catching familiars.

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This might be the second platinum I am going for... Currently on the alchemy stuff (crafting and the last side quest I need for all the stamps... 2 hours Tombstone Trail and still only one Scroll of Truth *sighs* ). At least I already got the 250 familiars...

Boast Edit: Got Platinum after ca. 80 hours, so the grinding phase took ca. 30 hours for me and I was able to drastically reduce my Podcast Backlog while doing it ;)

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I am one bloody item away from getting this. Its irritating that I needed to turn it off tonight and head to bed. I need to make ONE more alchemy item and all I need to get said item is ONE more All-Seeing-Eye or 2 more Evil Eyes or 3 more Scrolls of Truth. Whatever I come across first. Ugh. >_<

All set to get this platinum though. Grrr suppose its off to bed. Would have really liked to wrap this tonight.

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