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The wiki here seems to imply this is a port, but from all appearances the only thing really in common is story elements and the world - all gameplay on the DS version is on a 2D plane, the combat system is entirely different, etc. That's not a port. That's a full on remake if it is based on the same script. Googling ni no kuni port only points back to Giant Bomb as a source for me. What's the deal here?

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It's not a port. It just uses a lot of the same story beats.

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It is definitely not a port. I would say that it is another version of the game, but certainly not a port. If you think the language on the wiki is confusing or incorrect, you should totally change it! That is why wikis exist. Wikis only get better if people make an effort to better them.

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Oh I know I can edit the wiki I was just wondering if anyone had some informationi I didn't about it, since it was very intentionally put there; I will get right on that :P

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