Should I buy this game now in case stock is low?

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I eventually want to play this game, but I have a _stack_ of unplayed awesome games. Since I am constantly behind, I usually run about 6-12 months after release dates and pick up most titles at like $20-$30. However, I am concerned this game might go the Xenoblade Chronicles route and become really hard to find at even the original price. I had heard that the print run under estimated the demand on this game. Am wondering if I should just pony up the currently ~$50ish for this game because it will become hard to find. Does anyone know any more on this subject?

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And as I am looking game page here, I realize its available on the PSN store as a digital download. Please ignore this post and leave me to my stupidness alone.

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@traegan: *pokes your stupidness with a stick*

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Well... it's also a huge download on the PSN keep that in mind.

#5 Posted by Demoskinos (16434 posts) -

Stock ain't low. There was a shortage in the inital shipment but you should be able to find a physical copy fairly easy. Hell even the walmart here has 20+ copies.

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@demoskinos:Good to know. Might be able to snag this one on the cheap in a few months then.

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I recommend buying it. The game is absolutely amazing and you could always catch up with your other games in the future. The game gets pretty boring after you beat it so just buy,beat it,play the other games,and come back to it for the post-game stuff. I plan on replaying it in the couple months because the game is so beautiful and was one of the best starting experiences for a JRPG in my opinion

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