This game is depressing me

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I'm only about 15 hours in but I've been convinced almost from the start that the whole game is all Oliver's imagination trying to cope with the death of his mom. I'm dreading the end of the game if this turns out to be the case.

The light-hearted nature of everything, the fantastical representations of people he knows. the fact that he's the only one able to do anything about anything (I know, videogames) all feel super Wizard of Oz to me. Not to mention that no one in the "real" world can see his companions.

I probably wont be checking back on the thread since I don't want to spoil it either way but I just wanted to get this out there.

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I still need to play this game :(

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oh boy all im saying is keep on playing the game!! one of my favorites of this year!

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Should I buy this if I am not big into Anime?

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oh boy all im saying is keep on playing the game!! one of my favorites of this year!

I will second this statement!

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You wait 'till you get to the end game crafting quests. They'll upset you too.

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I think if it actually turns out like that it would be pretty neat (and a little depressing sure). Granted I've only played around 7 hours of it so I don't know. Don't spoil!

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